There’s a relentless fire hose of marketing content aimed your direction every day.

Sifting and screening what’s good and useful is like a full-time job.

That’s why I’ve started curating these sources for you. I only share valuable links that are aimed at helping you pull of growth marketing.

In this issue, you’ll find:

  • New ways (not the same old recycled ideas) to promote your content.
  • An interesting look at if growth hacking is all hype or truly the holy grail.
  • A LinkedIn hack you’re gonna love.

Sounds good? Let’s go.


Content marketing is more important than ever. After all, how can you reach your target audience and potential customers if they don’t even know your content exists? Short answer: you don’t. Here’s how to solve that, with over 100 different ideas on how you can promote your content. And, to be sure, these aren’t just your run of the mill ideas that you see everywhere, bet you haven’t even thought of many of these. Just a few more tools to add to your content marketing arsenal.

Tools & Tech

Being able to reach out to influencers is one of the biggest keys to success for many content marketers. And, what’s better than reaching out to influencers? Targeting them with your content. That’s where Content Seeding comes into the picture. Use your own content coupled with Content Seedings super secret algorithm to find the perfect mix of influencers who are a perfect match. You can use this information as the basis of your main contact list to start building those vital and important relationships.

Thought Piece

While growth hacking is one of the biggest marketing trends out there right now, could it be hype? Starting with a profile of Chamath Palihapitiya, the man who was charged with the growth of the platform for Facebook, and tactics and techniques the team employed to drive the Facebook’s growth. It then pivots to covering some of the growth hacking strategies at other brands from Dropbox to Hotmail to LinkedIn. So, the biggest question is, which is the answer, hype or holy grail? Guess you’ll just have to find out.

Swipe Files

Facebook is one of the top tools any marketer should be using today to drive traffic to their brand. Trouble is, there are a lot of really poorly written Facebook ads out there that aren’t doing anything at all. That’s why it pays to do a little bit of homework first. You can start right here with this epic collection of over 3,000 Facebook ads. See what ads are working, where you can improve your own ads, and maybe even spy a bit on the ads your competitors are running.

Models & Frameworks

What’s one of the most crucial decisions any startup can make during a launch? Positioning. Grasping the basics of positioning is so important that most marketers are still citing the Al Ries and Jack Trout classic Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind as a must read book for anyone in the business. The problem is, most startup marketers are still not grasping how they can better position themselves, until now. This template lays out exactly how startups can best position their brand for success.

Growth Hacking

LinkedIn is the go to social networking site for those brands who want to look for prospective business to business clients. if you do it right, the quality and quantity of inbound leads you will have flooding your inbox is going to be well worth looking into this hack. So what’s the big secret? Nope, it’s not about cold contacts or even cold calls, it’s all about using LinkedIn’s advertising platform to get massive results. Here, you’ll learn step by step exactly how to get started.


You know the phrase, the money is in the list. But, what happens if you’re ready to launch your awesome product and you don’t quite have an that list yet? Easy, you piggyback right on the killer content of others. Wait, what? Yea, it’s actually easier than you think, if you use the right tool. Simply start collecting data on top bloggers, their top commenters, and the biggest social sharers of that content. Couple that with a little cold outreaching, and you’re off to a very good start.

Well, there you go; we looked at tips on acquisition, traffic, and checked out a Facebook ad swipe file.

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