You don’t have to create new content all the time to get traffic and leads.

In fact, you’ll do better by “growth marketing” your content in the form of repurposing it – and then distributing it all in the right places.

Still, without compelling headlines and a large dose of persuasion mixed in, it’ll fall flat.

(Psychographic content is a new term for you to remember.)

In this growth marketing mix, we’re going to cover everything from:

  • The best ways to repurpose your content.
  • Why you need to look at Facebook ads as a top lead generation tool.
  • The ultimate list of growth hacking strategies.

You’ll see it all right below. Let’s go!


You wrote an epic blog post, clicked publish, now what? Far too often brands put out great content and then forget about it, never to use it again. Don’t make that mistake! You can often repurpose your content a number of different ways that will allow new eyeballs (and potential clients) to see your work. Remember, in order to see success and hit that coveted “viral” status, you need to spend more time marketing your work, and this post will show you how.


David Ogilvy is one of the best-known copywriters of all time. Head of the Madison Avenue firm Ogilvy and Mather (today a top worldwide shop), he famously spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on the headlines of his copy as opposed to the body. You might have heard his well-known quote, “The headline is 80%, when you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” Here, you can in your own practice writing epic headlines.

Models & Frameworks

When you or your brand comes up with a new product, service, or idea are you sitting down and doing a competitive analysis? If you don’t do this, chances are you could miss a huge advantage of yours, or worse, not have a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In this post, you’ll find an easy to replicate six step process you can use to really nail down your ideal customer, why they buy, and how to find your competitors weaknesses.

Growth Hacking

There’s no doubt you’ve seen dozens (and dozens) of growth hacking compilations, compendiums, and guides. And, all too often, they are simply just a regurgitation of the same tactics and techniques repeated over and over again. Until now. This post is called the Ultimate guide for a reason as it set a high bar including only the “growth hacking holy grails” found both on and offline. It’s set up in a simple and easy way to refer to growth hacks for acquisition, retention, activation, revenue, and referrals is a must read.

Psychology & Persuasion

There’s an argument out there that content marketing isn’t getting nearly the return on investment as it should (or used to). This can be problematic for marketers who are trying to get enough eyeballs on their content through tactics like social media, PPC, display ads, and search engine optimization, and are struggling to see success. That’s where the idea of adapt or die comes into play, and this post cites the need to embrace psychographic content as the new display marketing.

Tools & Tech

Have you been looking for a curated directory of marketing resources and tools (besides these curated posts, of course)? Enter, MarketingStack. This site has virtually everything you’ll need in one place, organized into categories like inbound marketing, tools for writers, growth stories, and workflow and project management, just to name a few of the categories. As the information is updated and evolves over the time this site should be on your bookmarks list for a place to get lots of great content and views.


Lead generation is the lifeblood of any marketer, without interest in your brand’s products or services, it can be a hard sell over time. That’s why finding ways to generate leads that actually works, and provides a solid return on investment are so important. Here, in this post, you’ll see how Facebook ads can be an excellent tool for lead generation. It takes you step-by-step through the process and leaves you with an actionable blueprint for generating lots of new leads.

In this Mix post, we talked about lead generation, traffic repurposing, and a growth hacking sourcebook. If you’ve learned something, make sure you share this with someone who could use it.


About Samuel J. Woods

I'm a Conversion Copywriter and Growth Consultant. My clients work with me to build and optimize their growth systems for customer acquisition and monetization.