Is your content “engaging”?

That is, are people consuming it and not just skimming?

Do they stay more than a minute to read?

Engagement is often set aside by marketers. But that’s a mistake that’s costing you money.

In this growth marketing mix, you’ll see:

  • A tool that helps you create “interactive content in 60 seconds” and boost engagement.
  • How B2B brands are missing out on $36 billion in revenue.
  • Get 543 subscribers in 43 days – with cheap Facebook ads.

You’ll see it all right below. Let’s go!

Tools & Tech

Engagement is the name of the game with marketers today. They want their potential customers and followers to interact with their content. Because, when they do you’re able to get customers to engage, they are more likely to buy. Insert Riddle. This tool allows you to “create interactive content in 60 seconds.” What kind of content might you ask? How do polls, lists, quizzes, and personality tests sound? Each of these creates the ability for customers to interact and the potential to go viral.


Too many marketers are creating content, clicking publish, and then moving on to the next thing. But what about promotion? Chances are, you aren’t doing enough of it. Conventional wisdom in the content marketing world now looks at spending 20% of the effort writing, and 80% marketing. That’s where this checklist comes in. It not only gives you a way to easily see how you can promote your current content but also repurpose it into more content for different views.

Thought Piece

A recent study released polled 200 top B2B companies in the US and UK and found some disturbing results. The biggest? Brands are missing out on over 70,000 sales opportunities each year. Ouch. The focus of this study is the so called “intent to purchase” mentions, an express mention of the desire to actually buy a product or service. Turns out, lots of brands aren’t connecting these mentions by potential consumers to actual sales. This study can help marketers figure out how to change that.


One of the most important numbers for any marketer is ROI: return on investment. It can be a challenge to keep acquisition costs down when it comes to potential customers, something every marketer struggles with. That’s where this post comes in to play, a list building strategy using Facebook ads. Now, we all know Facebook ads can be invaluable in generating customers, but try using some of these tips in this case study to use ads to woo hundreds of new subscribers in one shot.

Psychology & Persuasion

Landing page optimization is a very important part of the marketing plan for any brand. If you can’t convert on the landing page, let’s face it, you’ve got trouble. Solve it by creating a landing page that is built to specifically not only address but also take down the biggest objections your customers have. When you can learn how to systemically persuade customers based on their buying modality. That is if they buy using a combination of logic and emotion or if they buy quickly or slowly.


So many people think, incorrectly, that sales is an inherent skill, something you’re born with. Turns out just the opposite is true. With the effort and the right training, you can learn how to be a winning salesperson. This course can help you get there. Using a system that focuses in on the “buy in framework” you can understand the six types of buy-ins customers face and how to use proven case studies and psychology to turn them into more sales.

Models & Framework

One of the biggest things a brand can nail down from the start is their value proposition. The key, though, is actually being able to do it, which is quite hard if you don’t know where (or how) to start. Rather than scouring the internet and trying to sift through information, look at this post. In it, you’ll find true templates that brands have been able to use to work through both their brand’s value proposition and exactly how to pitch it.

Well, there you have it, we’ve covered revenue, traffic, and a thought piece on missing revenue thrown in for good measure. If you’ve learned something, make sure you share this with someone who could use it.


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