You might be overwhelmed by the water hose of growth marketing tactics.

How do you keep track of them all? In a database, of course.

Plus, Facebook + webinars = effective lead generation? Yep.

In this growth marketing mix, you’ll find:

  • The ultimate database of growth hacking and marketing tools.
  • How to use Facebook and webinars to create a winning lead gen combination.
  • A look at how a studying behavior can help marketers build better relationships.

Check it out:

Growth Hacking

This SlideShare was created to look at how TransferWise has been able to grow as a leading platform for international money transfers. This growth hack looks deeply at key performance indicators created by their internal teams to track and adjust how they were able to bring brand evangelism to the next level. By focusing heavily on brand promoters over any detractors or neutral parties, they bet on the fact that their brand would have to grow over the long run. Guess what? It worked. You can also check out the full post here.

Models & Frameworks

Agile marketing has not only become a trend, but it’s also something that virtually all marketers today have to be aware of in the fast-paced online world. Yet, when polled, as many Chief Marketing Officers were for the study mentioned in this article, the majority don’t rate themselves as agile. So, how can this change? Marketers and CMOs need to become more adaptable in the face of changing times and technologies and create an atmosphere that embraces it on their teams.

Thought Piece

This video is from Andrew Johns, who is the director of Growth and Revenue for Wealth Front, that was recorded at the Weapons of Mass Distribution Conference in 2015. In it, he covers three mandatory skills every next generation chief marketing officer should know. These skills are going to be the basis of everything you’re going to need to succeed when you enter the world of growth marketing. Remember to keep your passions and tap into the unique skills you have to help your brand grow.

Psychology & Persuasion

Crystal is a small marketing based firm with offices out of Boston and Nashville. So why are they in this issue? Well, they approach marketing a little bit differently than most firms. Instead of using the conventional wisdom, they look to science, the science of personality. Working together with the Harvard Innovation Lab, Crystal has been able to develop proprietary software that looks at how people will behave and how you can use that behavioral cues to cultivate relationships.

Tools & Tech

GrowthTools calls itself “The Ultimate Database of Growth Hacking and Marketing Tools,” and it’s pretty easy to see why. Split into just under 20 different categories ranging from affiliate marketing to stock images, you can find virtually anything you need in terms of tools and websites on this site. But more than billing itself as a place to enjoy a little one-stop shopping, GrowthTools is a great place to research. Finding new tools that could help your growth is always a good thing, and with this site, you have over 560 to choose from.


This was a question that popped up over at GrowthHackers and for good reason. Brands that are interested in having their own growth teams want to learn from the best. Figuring a cutoff of 100 employees would help separate the signal from the noise, people got to work. Now, there is a nice little list growing of brands all over the world you can look to (and emulate if you’d like) on how their growth team is operating and any successes they are having.


In this podcast interview, you’re going to learn quite a bit, but don’t just take my word for it. Rick Mulready, the creator of FB Advantage, sits down and shares some of his best tips for getting leads through Facebook. His secret? The special combination of Facebook ads and automated webinars. It’s an interesting look into something that hasn’t been fully tapped online yet, and Rick gives a lot of insights into what works for him and how you can use this combination to your best advantage.

Well, there you have it, we’ve covered acquisition, team building, and growth hacking. If you’ve learned something, make sure you share this with someone who could use it.

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