Any growth marketing that works starts with a “growth model”.

It’s how you systematically and predictably generate growth for your startup.

And no B2B SaaS marketing is complete without cold email outreach, either.

In this growth marketing mix, you’ll find:

  • The complete guide to content marketing.
  • How to “growth hack” your SaaS Startup.
  • A look at how you can automate your cold email outreach.

You’ll get it all here:

Growth Hacking

Get a coffee (and probably a snack) before you tuck into this absolute monster of a guide, but I promise you, it’s absolutely worth it. If you currently are in charge of growth at a SaaS startup, this is going to be a must read for you. In it, you’ll find a list of hacks that range from pre-launch to post-launch, coupled with a list of mini case studies you can follow from other successful SaaS startups that have seen high levels of growth.

Models & Frameworks

As you’ve seen from the last issue, Andy John’s knows growth. Being on the teams for Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and now WealthFront, he’s got the chops to prove it. In this post, he contends that growth is a skill set that both brands and marketers need to work on. He also provides a number of key principles of growth, as well as his best idea of a foundational growth model, and finally an in-depth case study on Amazon. Use these tips and tools to improve your own growth model.

Strategy (Marketing)

The goal of the site OpenStrategy is to “connect you with the best tools to help strategies do their job.” Positioned as your go-to toolbox for finding resources that will help you enhance your marketing skills, it delivers. There’s plenty to learn from on this site, you can check out things from tools that help with trends, social media monitoring, and creating content. Or, if that’s not enough, you can also read approved articles on growing brands, marketing, and what it takes to grow brands.


If you’re looking for an epic guide to content marketing geared for startups, this looks like it could be it. The team at Press Farm breaks down content marketing into step by step instructions and goes from there. In this guide, you can find everything from how to start by creating amazing content to how to use visual content. The guide also has advice on how to create evergreen content and content promotion tips. With this guide, you’re going to have a pretty epic resource to boost your content marketing.

Tools & Tech

Pitching via cold email outreach can be tedious. And let’s face it, not that enjoyable. It’s a task that can have a low return on investment. That’s what tries to help solve, by saving you quite a bit of time and effort. Use it for both inbound and outbound sales, fundraising, biz dev, and even recruiting. So how does it work? Simple by tapping into automation. First, you set up a sequence of emails (including automated replies), any replies you get will appear right in your inbox, and finally, you can get detailed analytics to see what’s working.


We all know that agile teams work on a sprint, but the fact of the matter is, content marketing can be more of a marathon at times, making it hard to see a way to meld the two together. But, there is a way to make it work, it’s the technique called parallel content marketing sprints. In this method, there are two different teams that follow along parallel lines and focus on two different things, one team on just content and the other team on all other parts of marketing.


GrowthHackers has a nice conversation going on over at their site that asks members to give some of their best advice on how to jumpstart growth. So many brands and marketers have asked this same question when being tasked to boost a new blog and struggle. Here, you can find strategies and tactics that go from giving interviews, building a distribution network, performing competitive analysis, and a couple of case studies for good measure. Putting some of these strategies in practice can no doubt help grow your company’s blog.

Well, there you have it, we’ve covered strategy, team building, and a couple of tools to make your life easier. If you’ve learned something, make sure you share this with someone who could use it.


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