Optimization. We all want it.

But few brands have been able to figure out how to really turn leads into sales.

Here’s where you can work on growth planning instead of just hacking.

In this growth marketing mix you’ll find:

  • Why your marketing team needs to start planning for growth, not channels.
  • The five persuasive triggers you need to use in your copywriting.
  • 100 killer case studies from brands that improved their conversion rates.

Let’s get started.

Growth Hacking

How Grammarly Quietly Grew Its Way to 6.9 Million Daily Users in 9 Years

Grammarly is an amazing success story. From its start in 2007, it has grown to 6.9 million users every single day. That’s some pretty incredible growth. So how’d they do it? First, by being laser-focused on their targeting of Universities and Colleges. Once they filled that market, they moved to expand the consumer business. Finally, they decided to really embrace the freemium model that was built around a Chrome extension. The rest is history.


Quick Tips: Optimizing Your Growth Funnels For A Lot More Sales

You’ve got leads, great. Now, what are you doing to turn those leads into actual sales? Here’s an easy answer: you need to optimize your growth funnel. However, before you jump in, there are a few things you need to do first. These include knowing exactly who your customers are, delivering good value and seamless calls to action, and finally, removing any potential doubt. Things don’t end there though, you also need to continue your efforts after the sale to build customer loyalty.



In today’s fast-paced business environment, being able to harness data can translate into a huge competitive advantage. That’s where Qualaroo comes in. This tool is all about gaining data insights straight from your clients and website visitors. Qualaroo lets you create custom surveys that you can use to target customers anywhere on your site, your product, or your funnel. Learn issues and concerns that your customers have and also understand their intent, which can help you improve your site.

Thought Piece

Marketing Needs Growth Planning Not Media Planning

For too many, marketing still falls on to the agency or brand side of the fence. Marketers are spending their time trying to figure out the right channels to reach customers instead of thinking about growth. But, the author argues, growth is the key to successful marketing not only right now but in the future. With the data available at the fingertips of marketers, they need to be harnessing it beyond individual KPIs and instead work to reverse engineer real outcomes around growth.


Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: What to Look for When Hiring One for Your Startup

We all know about the explosion of growth hackers in the startup community. But what about growth marketers? Some might argue they are even more important depending on your desired outcome. If you decide to go the growth marketer route (which your brand probably needed yesterday) there are important considerations to take into account first. Knowing your desired outcomes and goals first mean the growth marketer has a far better chance of success.


Why Do We Buy? Because Of These 5 Persuasive Copywriting Triggers

Copywriting without psychology and persuasion is just words. And just words don’t sell. The best copywriters know they need to tap into those key factors that really trigger action in our brains. In this post, the team at Sumo does a deep dive into five specific persuasive triggers you can use to level up your copywriting skills. Follow these tips and you’re going to earn trust, keep customers interested, break down the walls of doubt, and sell a lot more.

Conversion Rate Optimization

100 Conversion Optimization Case Studies

Everyone loves a case study, well how about 100 over them? If you’ve been trying to improve your conversion rate optimization (hint: you should be) then there is plenty to learn here from brands that have actually gotten it done. Each case study gives a quick overview, a before and after shot, and the results of the changes to the campaign. You’ll also see a few key takeaways and findings from each that you can start to implement on your own site.

Done – we’ve covered conversion rate optimization, copywriting, and a great tool designed to help you gather valuable data on your customers. If you’ve learned something, make sure you share this with someone who could use it.

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