I know you don’t like to be compared to everyone else.

I know you’re unique.

But I’m willing to bet $100 that your online marketing funnels are probably lacking in scope and size.

I’m saying that because no matter who I work with, and how big they are, there’s always a missing piece to their funnels.

And those missing pieces add up and end up costing you.

You don’t get as many qualified leads as you could have.

You don’t get as many sales or repeat sales as you could have.

I’d say that’s a problem.

And I’ll even add that it’s a problem worth fixing – now.

Here’s what a standard, basic, vanilla funnel looks like:

A basic marketing funnel

  1. On the left, you have happy suspects getting to your website, one way or another (this is traffic generation).
  2. In the middle, you have your homepage, landing page, or other point of conversion that either produces a sale, appointment, and so on – or a lead that you’d need to nurture.
  3. And that’s where things usually stop. If someone didn’t convert right away (sale, appointment, etc.), then the goal of the lead nurturing is to get them to that point, eventually.

But if that’s all you have, you’re sabotaging your marketing efforts, missing out on ROI of all your efforts, and only working with a short-term, half-baked funnel that is under-performing.

At the very least, you need to build out something like this:

A better, basic marketing funnel

Now we’re talking.

What you’ve added here, are 2 critical phases that could increase your conversions by at least another 30% or more:

  • Additional products, services, meetings, appointments, whatever you use, that are aimed at up-selling or cross-selling your existing and past clients. It’s infinitely more easy to sell more to those who’ve already bought, than it is to go out and hunt for new customers and clients. A lot more cost effective. Adding this, alone, could help you realize ROI pretty quickly.

And once your primary lead nurture campaign is done, if someone has yet to take action, what do you do? Drop them…?


  • You need an additional follow-up sequence, that kicks in when a lead has been one for longer than your typical sales cycle, but still show some engagement (email opens, clicks, etc.). If a lead is just drop-dead-stone-cold, you send one last “break up” email (that tells them you’ll never, ever reach out to them again, ever) – but if a lead is showing some sign of life, you need an additional sequence that pings them and sends a variety of pings.

What do I mean?

Don’t just send emails upon emails with text, with some more emails with text.

Absolutely not – that’s a ticket to Snoozeville with Population: You – and no one cares.

No, you change up what you send to people. It can still be emails (probably only way for you to reach them for now, any way), but the goal is to send them elsewhere.

This could be your YouTube channel (and get them to subscribe), your social media profiles (get them to follow, like, circle, and so on), other landing pages with incentives, and so on.

Makes sense, right?

Well, we’re not done.

This is just par for the game.

This will only bring you up to speed, get you some more ROI, leads, and sales, but…

the EXPONENTIAL power comes when you add an additional phase.

(And even more beyond that, but that’s for another day).

Yep, you heard me: you need at least 1 more phase.

What could that be?

Glad you asked, here it is:

A basic marketing funnel, poised for exponential growth


See all that green stuff?

Yes, it’s green for growth, but more importantly, here’s what you need to be doing, starting from the moment your suspects come in contact with your online assets (such as website, landing pages):

Add, develop, and deploy Retargeting.

That means that you show up in front of your suspects, leads, prospects, and clients in every phase they’re in, with relevant ads, native advertising, and more.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Did a suspect only get to your landing page, but took no action? Show them one set of ads and content, across websites and platforms, that encourages them to come back and buy or become a lead.
  • Did a lead only signup for your lead nurturing, and is still in it? Show them a different set of ads and content, across websites and platforms, that encourages them to come back and buy or contact you.
  • Did a lead become a prospect and then a client or customer? Show them yet another set of ads and content, across websites and platforms, that encourages them to buy more and more often.
  • Did your lead never materialize, but ended up on other nurturing campaigns? Show them still another set of ads and content, across websites and platforms, that encourages them to get crackin’ and buy or contact you.


This is how you turn your regular, ol’, vanilla funnels into Growth Marketing Funnels and achieve exponential growth.