Sam Woods

Hey, I’m Sam.

I specialize in combining AI and creativity for doubling or tripling leads and sales.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve developed my own methodolgoes, training, and frameworks for conversion copywriting, funnel optimization, and growth ecosystem thinking for faster and more sustainable growth and scale.

I built a digital marketing agency to $28M over ~10 years. I recently sold it to a much larger competitor.

I’m also exploring how AI can enhance our creativity, marketing and writing anything from poetry to copy. Creativity is contagious and the only thing that converts.

Currently, I’m the founder of Daring Robot (an applied AI studio). We’re building AI/ML tools and solutions that help businesses increase revenue and maximize profits with AI and ML. From copywriting prompts to fine-tuning custom models, we integrate AI and ML for clients who want to build a moat, get results faster, solve problems, develop their products or services, sell more, and dominate their industries.

I got started with Machine Learning in 2016 and Generative AI in 2019, being on the forefront and pioneer of prompt engineering, custom fine-tuning, AI copywriting and marketing, as well as training Fortune 100 companies and teams across the world.

You can find me here: