Problems are never welcome, even though you need to have one in order to experience a breakthrough.

Irony, am I right?

The other truism about a problem is:

You have to fully comprehend its size and reach before you can take a calculated swing at it.

Depending on the business, the funnel, the goal – the solutions are always different.

So, I don’t sell the promises of cons, silver bullets, and hypnotizing BUY NOW buttons.

Like with any partnership, there’s troubleshooting, strategizing, and soon the inevitable email or call from my clients to confess our work is causing ideas.

Their “mind is on fire.” They’re taking notes. Existing funnels are simplified or others are invented.

Creativity is contagious.

It’s also loud on my end, to the point I can’t sleep.

In the middle of the night, I’m up writing ideas on 6×4 index cards, laying them out on the floor, rewriting, thinking, and drawing mind maps because (surprise), the copywriter guy processes and problem solve via writing.

This goes on until I find something, or I give up for the night and go for a walk. Which is usually when solutions find me.

I’m that hunched figure walking the streets in the wee hours solving marketing and sales funnel problems which, for most, makes me a pretty boring secret agent. Unless it’s your marketing/copy/funnel that’s being solved.

It really is detective work. And to push the metaphor further:

I love jazz (true story). Free jazz specifically. In the bars and nightclubs, the musicians communicate with one another, pushing and prodding on stage to find their way to the song based on clues in the surrounding notes.

Steadily, the momentum builds until there’s a moment when everything snaps into place.

Consider your marketing and all its moving parts. The momentum is out there and it’s building, but it takes experiment, adjustment, and redirection for it to suddenly establish a solid beat.

You’re never stuck. But the potential is buried when the problem is the only thing that can be seen.

I’ve made a living and a life out of sensing opportunity, working my way towards it, and seizing on moments of massive growth and change.

There’s always clarity in the confusion.

Momentum in the stillness.

Music in the noise.

Irony, am I right?

Trust the process that leads to solving a problem – and you’ll already have part of your answer.

Now all you have to do is begin.

Hey, I’m Samuel J. Woods, nice to meet you!
I’m a Direct Response, Conversion Copywriter, specializing in optimizing growth funnels that predictably generate more leads and sales. I do most of my work with Stimulead, my growth ecosystem agency.

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