Here’s a small collection of success stories, results, and testimonials from some of my clients.

Most of my work remains confidential, by choice. I work in competitive industries and many of my clients prefer to not publicly disclose their results.

I’ve been using various AI, Machine Learning, and Generative AI tools since 2019 for my own work and for clients.

At this point, have proprietary datasets that help me write copy and optimize for more conversions beyond anything else I’ve ever tried.

Results, at a glance…

  • I’ve worked in over 37 different markets, including ultra-competitive niches like financial, health, supplements, insurance, and other industries, like B2B SaaS, tech, e-commerce, and more.
  • I’ve developed and/or optimized over 110+ customer acquisition funnels, probably around 180+ lead acquisition funnels. And I’m only counting those that are converting on cold, lukewarm, or hot traffic.
  • I stopped counting but I’ve written at least 173+ sales pages (that converted), 841+ landing pages, 14,200+ emails of all kinds, and probably close to 19,000+ ads (on different networks, from Facebook, Google, and Native, and everywhere else).
  • Over 683,761 (and counting) fresh, high-quality leads generated, via cold traffic, organic traffic, and multiple other traffic sources.
  • Over $217,318,951 (and counting) in revenue generated for clients so far, directly attributed to customer acquisition funnels I’ve developed and optimized.

Here’s a partial list of clients I’ve worked with…

A brief list of clients I’ve worked with in different capacities (either with copywriting, funnels, optimization, consulting, or a mix).

  • SamCart
  • Explainify
  • Alex Hormozi &
  • AppInstitute
  • Basecamp
  • Seller Labs
  • HubSpot
  • Jungle Scout
  • AWeber
  • Agora Financial
  • IBM
  • Money Map Press
  • Amazon
  • Paul Lemberg
  • Atlassian
  • Traffic & Funnels
  • Shopify
  • Spy Briefing
  • Salesforce
  • Salesability
  • Authority Nutrition
  • Evana Network
  • Predictable Revenue
  • The Paperless Agent
  • Berman Cosmetic Surgery
  • Teachable
  • Carline Anglade-Cole
  • Pitch Anything
  • AppSumo
  • The ASK Method Company
  • Location Rebel
  • FE International
  • GivePlus & Vanco Payments
  • WPBakery
  • Apex Data
  • CB Insights
  • BullBearAnalytics
  • BBC Consulting
  • DayStar LED
  • Collective2
  • Conversion Engineering
  • Floodgate Digital
  • Forecastly
  • Growth Scout
  • Hirescapes
  • Johner Institute
  • Kelly Brogan, MD
  • Leaders Within
  • LifeStar Family Challenge
  • Ledger
  • Membrane Concepts
  • Marylou Tyler
  • Password Boss
  • NOFT Traders
  • PG Consulting
  • Premier Property Analytics
  • PostBox
  • RentJiffy
  • Referral Candy
  • Rindle
  • Save On Life
  • Simply Seated
  • Small Hotel Coach
  • Tripifini
  • UpSports
  • Vitality Sciences
  • Zensa Skincare
  • And many, many more…

Select work with Joanna Wiebe and CopyHackers

I’ve also partnered with the original “Conversion Copywriter”, Joanna Wiebe, on several projects and with her agency (in different iterations).

For example, one project involved optimizing a sales page for SweatBlock, resulting in a 108% increase in revenue.

There are only a handful of copywriters on the planet that really get how to write copy and Sam is among the best of ‘em.

He brings a whole-funnel approach to copywriting, optimizing not only for acquisition but also activation, retention – all the pieces that need to be in place to 2x or 3x or 10x any business.

Plus, he’s always learning and experimenting, so his results drop jaws.

With Sam, you get a
smart, data-driven copywriter that leans on results, not hype – which is a huge reason I recommend him to everyone I know.”

Joanna Wiebe
CopyHackers, AirStory

Select list of clients I worked on with CopyHackers:

  • 3 Dassault Systemes
  • CrashPlan
  • DataStax
  • Auvik Networks
  • Aware3
  • CMI Academy
  • Factor75
  • Firstmark Credit Union
  • Goobsi
  • Locowise
  • Mango Salute
  • Papertrail
  • PT Engine
  • ScreenCastsOnline
  • Student Loan Hero
  • SweatBlock
  • VetPromotion
  • And many more…

What my clients say…

“Incredible Revenue Growth From the
Funnels We Implemented, And That’s
Just The Beginning…”

“As my company achieved more serious revenue, I knew we needed to more fully embrace funnels but had no idea where to begin. The biggest question on my mind was “where is our next client going to come from and how will I know how they found us?”

Thankfully, I found Samuel. We put a strategy into place, defined both the sales & marketing funnel, invested in the right channels, trained our team properly and ultimately created a predictable lead engine that is still generating to this day.

Beyond that, Samuel is my go-to whenever I’m stumped or need inspiration. He just gets it. Not just marketing, but sales and life philosophy as well. He’s one of my most enjoyable partners to be around and you’re a fool to not use him in your business.”

Eric Hinson
Founder, CEO

“We’ve Seen a 24% MoM Growth In Revenue… Boost of Extra $227,000 MRR… Another $73,900 NEW MRR… Our CPA Dropped by $173… ~1,500 New Leads Every Day…”

“We Didn’t Realize This Was Possible:
573% Increase in CTR and
Slash Lead Cost by $107″

“Before working with Samuel Woods, we simply weren’t getting conversions from our funnels. All we did was wonder why things didn’t work.

We paid way too much for everything – Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion and Lead. But Samuel changed everything for us.

Samuel’s wide range of capabilities and experience allowed him to fully execute the complete strategy, from composing the compelling conversion copy to creating the pages, to adding the tracking capabilities, and optimizing the funnels.

We even gained completely new insights and knowledge from Samuel’s deep experience with copy, funnels, and advertising (both cold and lukewarm traffic) and ways to optimize our spend.

As a result, our CTR is significantly improved. We averaged 2.89% before and now we’re averaging 19.47% – and often a lot more than that.

Our Cost per Conversion and Lead is dramatically reduced – it went from $134 per conversion to $27 per conversion in just a few weeks.

We now have entire funnels that we can work with and replicate, adjust for new campaigns and initiatives, with conversion rates we didn’t realize were even possible.”

Graham Street
Founder, CEO
Ubiquitous Innovation 

“Re-Engagement Funnel Made Us
$82,941 In Just a Few Weeks”

“Grew Our Monthly Recurring
Revenue Several Times
by Average of 671%”

“Sam has a deep understanding and skills to design and optimize marketing funnels that capture and convert leads.

With his help, we were able to grow MRR quickly, by an average of 671% in several iterations of our company.

And he was instrumental in helping our clients develop growth marketing and
conversion funnels that had a significant impact on their revenue and bottom-line.

Sam provided expert guidance in building
scalable, repeatable lead generation and nurturing systems.”

Damian Thompson
Founder, CEO

“We’re Getting 2.2X Return-On-Ad-Spend… Higher Than Anything We’ve Done Yet…”

“Best Investment Ever… Never
Met Someone as Skilled and Gifted”

As the founder of a startup company I can tell you what used to keep me up most nights: revenue. Where is our next client going to come from? Is that a prospect we want to be working with or are we forced to take them on because we need the revenue? Are we investing in the right marketing methods and channels? Can we reach our growth goals?

Growing our revenue was of utmost importance and, to be frank, we didn’t have the answer to dependable lead generation and revenue growth. When we launched we invested heavily into SEO and while we are seeing an influx from those efforts I have got to say a majority of those leads are not our ideal prospects.

We turned to Sam because we needed guidance in building a stable, scalable, repeatable lead generation funnels that would ease our growth concerns and get us in front of a pool of our avatar ‘best buyers’.

I have never met someone as skilled as Sam and gifted with the ability to get inside the mind of our prospects.

Sam’s not only able to gain access to those hidden, hard to reach, decision makers but also find out what’s making them tick and more importantly what’s keep them up at night.

Sam’s been instrumental in helping us create benchmarks for our campaigns and growth metrics as well as the overall growth of our business.

If you’ve met with or spoken to him and are thinking about hiring him, stop thinking, suck it up and hire him already. It will be the best investment you’ve made in your business to date.”

Ed Stapleton, Jr.
Founder, CEO

“Boosted Conversions by ~65% From One Round of Testing… And ~33% Boost In Another Funnel”

“Sam Is a One-of-a-Kind Copywriter…”

“Not only does he specialize in writing great copy, he really understands the art and science of website conversions.

He can assist with not only writing but also the strategic layout and placement of copy in order to
maximize conversion rates.

I would recommend Sam to any marketer.”

Jeff Hines
Serial Entrepreneur
IntelMaven, UpSports, etc.

“11,395 Leads Within Days…
For Half The Cost…”

“Sam over-delivered and did an amazing job. He provided plenty of persuasive advertising and landing page copy, complete with headlines, sub-headlines, CTA and body copy.

It gives me a lot of room to test & optimize in order to achieve the best ROI for my advertising campaigns.

Very happy and satisfied, and I look forward to working with Sam again on another project!”

Nikolay Saev
NNS Marketing

“I Recommend Sam 10 Times Out of 10…”

“Sam not only provided me with high-quality copy that has worked but also with insights into my business that I had never made.

He pointed out areas where he thought we could improve and his suggestions were dead on.

I feel fortunate to have had some of his magic sprinkled onto my business and can’t wait to work with him again.

He is a trusted and valuable resource and I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend Sam 10 times out of 10.

Eric Sklar
Chief Operating Officer
The Spencer Health Network

“Massive Return On Investment…”

Three words come to mind when I think about Sam Woods: Professionalism, Knowledge, Skill.

From my first contact with Sam, all the way to the review stage, I felt more than comfortable.
I was extremely confident that I would see a great return on my investment, and he exceeded my expectations.

I gave Sam the information he needed, and he took it from there, designing professional, just “awesome” and converting copy. He laid it out in a wireframe, including a very helpful explanatory video, which helped my web designer layout the page correctly with only a few edits.

Even after the project was done, Sam used his knowledge of marketing and layout to review the page and make
further suggestions to help my landing page convert even better.

In short, I’ve found someone I want to use for all of my projects. You would be wise to put Sam’s talents to work for you!

Paul Wright
Owner, President
GP Ventures, Inc.

“Increase Our Lead Flow By +327%, Fast”

“Samuel increased the overall conversion rate of our demand generation by at least +327%, resulting in quite a lot of new leads and sales.

Our team is also now working more effectively and producing consistent results after only a few weeks of our new funnels.”

Jeff Mendoza
VP of Marketing
Spectrum Software Group, Inc.

“From ~20 Leads to 75+ Leads Per Day”

“Our marketing campaigns and funnels saw a triple increase in Return on Investment when Samuel with worked with us for a few months.

Our number of qualified leads went from about 20 per day to over 75+ and our other conversion metrics saw a 3x increase in performance.

From our website, email marketing, to print materials, he’s done more for our marketing than anyone else I’ve ever worked with.”

Steve Koshinsky
Managing Director
Hill & Stone Financial, LLC.

“Added An Extra $57,000 Per Month To Start…”

“Samuel completely transformed our whole copywriting and funnel approach.

We saw a 63% increase in the number of qualified leads from our funnels in just a couple of weeks and an extra $57,000+ per month to start.

I expect that number to increase.”

Robert Davis
VP of Marketing
Listings Forum, LLC.

“Cold Traffic Conversions Increased +221%”

“Samuel exceeded all our expectations:

– Dialed in our messaging, helping us go from an average of 5.7% on cold traffic to a new average of 18.3%.

– Our Cost per Lead dropped from $52 to $19.

– Our Average Order Value increased from $114 to $231.

We will continue to use Samuel and his expertise for years to come.”

Ron Sears
Founder, Serial Entrepreneur
MembraneTech Concepts, LLC.

“Funnel Converting at ~14% on Cold Traffic with Average Order Value Increased from $76 to $161”

“Sam came in and completely overhauled our customer acquisition funnel. I was skeptical that it would work, but after rigorous testing and seeing the results for myself, we’re at:

– Customer acquisition on cold traffic (mainly Facebook and Google) went from an average of 3.7% to a new average of 14%.

Average Order Value increased from $76 to $161.

We’ve never been able to get those increases ourselves. The numbers don’t lie.”

Mike Salerno
Founder & CEO
Edge Health Solutions