Use these formulas to:

  • Capture and lead your prospect’s attention
  • Build their curiosity
  • Create fascination and desire.

Here’s how…

Begin with one of your benefits that solves a big problem or gives a positive result. Add a generous amount of instant gratification.

Finally, put it all together in a phrase that creates curiosity by promising the payoff – but not giving away the entire technique.

The “formula” for creating a fascination is:

Specific Benefit + Instant Gratification + Intense Curiosity.

A key element of my marketing process is generating a list of “bullets” that are written in this style, then building “around” them.

The art involved here has to do with the level of specificity that you use when describing your benefit and your technique, and the emotional words and phrases that you use in your bullets, headlines or other “Fascination Phrases.”

NOTE: The master of “Fascinations” was Mel Martin, a copywriter for Boardroom. Check out Denny Hatch’s book “Method Marketing” and his chapter on Martin’s style (which includes an entire sales letter written by Martin).

Fascination Bullet Formulas

Start with a problem that your prospect would like to solve or an outcome they’d like to achieve.

Next, add how you solve it.

Finally, include the result/payoff or “benefit” that your customer will receive.

Let’s use this for our example:

Problem: Don’t know how to tell if a woman is ready to be kissed.

Solution: The Kiss Test

Result/Payoff – “Benefit”: Successfully kiss her, avoid rejection and loss of progress

Note: You can communicate in 3 basic ways: Statements, Questions, Actions – and we’ll mix them up so you can see how they work.

Formula #1: How To [Get Payoff/Avoid Pain]

  • How to tell if a woman is ready to be kissed – without being rejected.
  • How can you tell if a woman is ready to be kissed? Inside, you’ll learn exactly what to look for – so you know when to kiss her without being rejected.
  • Try this: If you want to know if she’s ready to be kissed, watch her eyes – if she’s looking at your lips, then she’s probably ready. Inside, I’ll show you an even BETTER way to tell – that works every time.

Formula #2: Why [Benefit Happens/Pain Happens]

  • Why women get upset when you try to kiss them (and how to avoid it)
  • Why do women get upset when you try to kiss them? Here’s the MAIN mistake men make that causes women to reject them on the spot.

Formula #3: What [Demystifies Benefit / Pain]

  • What to look for to tell if a woman wants you to kiss her.

Formula #4: When [To Act To Get Benefit / Avoid Pain]

  • When to kiss a woman (and when not to)- if you don’t know when it’s best to kiss her, she’ll probably push you away. Use this simple test to figure out if she’s ready.

Formula #5: Where [To Go / Move To Get Benefit / Avoid Pain]

  • Where’s the best place to kiss a woman? On a date?In the car? I’ll show you one place to never try to kiss a woman (because it almost fails) – and the one place that works every time.

Formula #6: Number of [Ways To Get Benefit / Avoid Pain]

  • 3 easy ways to figure out if a woman is ready to be kissed.

Formula #7: Benefit-Named Solution [Product/Technique With Payoff/Pain Avoidance Implied In Name]

  • The Kiss Test: How to easily to tell if a woman is ready to be kissed without risking rejection.

Try writing your own “Fascination Bullets” using a few of the above formulas.

I bet you’ll see a boost in attention, engagement, and conversions.