What do you need to grab someone’s attention?

A powerful headline.

Here are a handful of headline formulas I’ve been using lately that work…

You can se the following formulas to write at least 7 variations of this headline – that will grab your prospective customer’s attention and draw them in instantly.

Formula #1: Result (Benefit) Focus

How To Get [Result] [Quickly] [Without Risk]

Example: “How To Get Out Of Debt In 90 Days Or Less With This Simple, Guaranteed System”

Formula #2: Pain Focus

How To [Eliminate Specific Pain] [Without More Pain]

Example: “How To Lose 33 Pounds Of Fat Without Torture Diets Or Hard Exercise”

Formula #3: Situation Focus

If [Specific Emotional Hot Button Situation Is Happening], Then [Worst Fear Might Be True]

Example: “If You Experience Lower Back Pain While Sitting, Then You May Need Surgery”

Formula #4: Action Focus

What To Do If [Specific Hot Button Situation]

Example: “What To Do If You Notice Your Husband Looking At Other Women”

Formula #5: Customer Focus

10 Mistakes Most [Customer Description] Make [In Situation] – And How To Avoid Them

Example: “10 Mistakes Most Men Make When Approaching Women – And How To  Avoid Them”

Formula #6: Approach Focus

Why [Common-Sense Approach] Doesn’t Work… And What To Do About It

Example: “Why Diets Don’t Work… And What To Do About It”

Formula #7: It’s Magic

How To [Turn Problem] [Into Benefit]


  • “How To  Use Your Credit Cards To Make Money”
  • “How To Lose Weight By Eating MORE Food”