I’ve been using AI for copywriting since 2019 and I’ve distilled everything I know into The AI Copywriting Workshop.

I’m sharing how to leverage AI for researching, brainstorming, drafting, and writing ads, emails, landing pages, sales pages, upsell pages, conversion rate optimization, and more.

Timing is everything.

Here’s what’s happening now…

Our world is changing so fast, that timing is more important than vision, hard work, or planning.

In the early days when a new industry is emerging, making a name for yourself is much easier than it will be once it’s saturated.

Early investors and users of technology have made out like bandits.

(Even with the recent stock market crashes—they got in so early those crashes don’t matter).

When you join a startup that’s growing rapidly, you have a fleeting opportunity to take a major leadership role and grow along with it.

When you explore a new technology that’s exploding onto the scene, like AI is now, you have a window of opportunity that’s open for a brief moment.

You can get in later.

But what if you got in now?

These are the kinds of chances that are constantly swimming around us.

New paradigms are always rising and falling.

You only need to bet on the right thing once, and you can ride it to beyond your wildest imagination.

I want to help you see how AI for online marketing, and copywriting, is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities.

And I want to help you seize this opportunity.

Not out of fear or worrying you’re being ‘replaced by robots’.

But because I’ve seen, first-hand, the power and potential of AI…

To help you think more clearly, write better copy, and enhance your creativity.

I’ve been using various AI tools for copywriting since 2019. We’re talking funnels, ads, emails, landing pages, sales pages, offer creation, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and more.

(I’ve been fortunate to work with these AI tools over the years, via the clients I’ve served. I even invested north of $2M into a few AI projects and software tools).

But my work with AI started a few years earlier.

I’ve been using AI for quantitative marketing since 2015. That’s for analytics, metrics, modeling, tracking, pixels, and so on. Think ‘Big Data’.

AI for data crunching is much more developed and used than AI for creative marketing, so far.

But now we’ve hit an inflection point, where AI for creative work has become accessible to anyone with the internet.

And, just to make it clear:

AI for text and images have been around for years (GPT-3 came out in 2020, for example).

But it wasn’t until chatGPT was made available recently that AI for content and creative work became a thing for everyone.

Now anyone can have endless text, images, video, and audio created for them with just a few clicks.

Using chatGPT and other tools have definitely made my work a lot easier, and faster.

It’s even made it more fun than it already was.

Several people have asked me to teach them how I use AI for copywriting and online marketing.

Since I’m not a fan of 20, 30 or 50-hour courses, I’ve so far declined and only made myself available to a few private coaching clients, workshops for marketing teams, and a select group of clients.

But then a friend suggested I should do a series of workshops, where I talk through the process and workflow of using AI for various copywriting tasks, and show people how to use AI.

The idea of helping copywriters and marketers up to speed and using AI is much more appealing than droning into a video for hours on end.

So, I sat down and planned a series of workshops where I shared the strategies, workflows, and processes I’ve been using for years.

We just finished up the live version of the workshop and the recordings are available.

I couldn’t cover everything in just a few days, that’s impossible.

But I can help someone get started, get going, and on a path of mastering a skill that will only become more valuable this year and beyond.

That’s why I did The AI Copywriting Workshop.

These are hands-on workshops, with a mix of instruction, watching over-my-shoulder, and helping you put fingers on keyboards.

And actually create your own process with a blend of your own thinking and AI tools.

Also, none of what I teach you will be outdated in a few weeks or months.

After over 3 years of working with AI, I’ve learned the strategies, workflows, and processes that work no matter what tools exist.

I’m not teaching you how to use a particular tool. I’m sharing what works, in real life, with real world marketing.

I’m not sharing prompts that worked a few weeks ago but now don’t.

There’s no theory or speculation in what I’m sharing.

Everything is based on what I know works (and continues to work).

You get 3 years worth of real-life experience downloaded into your brain in 3 sessions.

Make up for lost time.

Eliminate years of trial-and-error.

It’s like a speed-pass and insurance policy, at the same time.

My goal is to get you up to speed, running, and with the right process so you can become an expert on all of this, without being dependent on me or any specific tool.

You’re not paying me to think for you.

You’re investing in your own skill and creativity development.

I will show you how to think, how to plan, how to leverage AI.

With these workshops, you’ll be able to explore and experiment on your own.

Plus you’ll research faster, draft faster, write faster—and ultimately, you can charge a lot more without working any harder or grinding it out every weekend.

Here are the details & what you get

Session #1: Research, Offer Creation & Big Ideas

  • How to research, profile, and analyze your market and customers with AI.
  • How to perform competitor analysis and research to uncover hidden opportunities you can use.
  • How to develop, improve, and enhance your products/services with the help of AI.
  • Finding big ideas, unique mechanisms, and content for education-based marketing, and more. With the right process (that I’m sharing), you’ll have an endless stream of fresh ideas that turn into any copy.
  • The workflow, process, and tools that are best used for researching, offer creation, and Big Ideas.

Session #2: Ads, Emails, Landing Pages, and Short-Form Copy

  • How to outline, ideate, brainstorm, and draft 50-100 ads for any ad network.
  • How to outline, draft, and write any kind of email—newsletter, promotion, lead nurture, launch emails, sales emails… ANY email. (And yes, you’ll be able to turn “robot speak” into a personal voice and tone that works for what you’re selling).
  • How to develop stories, find angles, create hooks, infinite subject lines, compelling opening lines, and effective body copy.
  • How to generate 100s of fascination bullets (for landing pages, emails, ads).
  • How to write short-form landing pages (and the best page templates I’ve used for clients—you can use any AI text generator to fill in the sections).
  • The workflow, process, and tools that are best used for writing short-form copy. Your job will be to act as a ‘Copy Chief’ with final creative and persuasive direction.

Session #3: Sales Pages, VSLs, Upsells, and Checkout Flows

  • How to develop Big Ideas, Unique Mechanisms, Product/Service, Leads, Headlines, Subheadlines, Closes, and everything that goes into a sales page.
  • How to outline, brainstorm, and write a first (and second) draft of a Sales Page or VSL, for any product or service.
  • How to outline and write Checkout Pages and Upsells that flow naturally from your sales page.
  • How to quickly generate unique headline decks and leads, in just a few minutes, that you can use for testing variants against any control.
  • How to translate any of the 100+ Sales Page Templates that exist into structure, prompts, and re-prompts that an AI text generator can actually use.
  • How to develop your own library of future-proof prompts (even prompts that are ‘negative’, which tools like chatGPT is refusing to answer if not expressed correctly) that you can use over and over again, regardless of what product or service you write for.
  • The workflow, process, and tools that are best used for writing long-form copy. It’s like you have a very smart and very fast junior copywriter at your fingertips.

Each session is up to two hours long because we left no stone unturned and no question was left unanswered.

In short, with these workshops, you’ll discover:

  • How to integrate various AI tools into your process and workflow, so you know what tools are best for your workflow, processes, and the kind of copy you’re writing.
  • How to research your customer, market, and competitors. This will help you cut down time spent researching without sacrificing the quality of what you find.
  • How to develop, modify, and improve your product or service. You’ll examine what you sell from every possible angle and find not only new ways to promote what you sell, but also how you can make everything deliver better results and outcomes for your customers.
  • How to find and create big ideas, hooks, stories, angles, unique mechanisms, and education-based marketing content you can use for any promotion, sales page, funnel, lead generation campaign.
  • How to write 20, 50, even 100+ ads with unique angles and hooks, in minutes instead of days.
  • How to write endless emails with interesting subject lines, opening lines that draw readers in, and persuades with effective body copy.
  • How to generate new ideas, angles, and uncover hidden hooks with a process that builds on prompts you use and the output you get back.
  • How to write short-form copy like ads, video scripts, emails, advertorials, and landing pages.
  • How to write long-form copy like sales pages, including checkout and upsell pages.
  • Future-proof your prompts. Discover how to develop your own prompts at will, no matter what happens to existing tools or whatever new tools are released.

There’s so much more but most importantly:

These strategies, workflows, and processes are future proof and ‘tool agnostic’.

They work no matter what tool you’re using now—or whatever tools are created in the future.

Believe me, we’re at the very beginning of generative AI tools for text, images, video, and audio.

There are hundreds of tools available. And hundreds more coming in the next year.

Most tools are using GPT-3 and some other language models (and are very similar in output).

What I teach will help you now—and prepare you for the future, because…

You don’t need to master a specific tool.

You need to master the AI copywriting process.

From start to finish. So you can use any tool that’s best suited for the job.

Recordings of the Workshop are available now.