Curious what I think and write about? Here’s a snapshot of topics:

Growth Hacking, Demand Generation Topics covered by Samuel Woods

  • Growth and funnels as an “ecosystem”: Growth is not a system, per se. It’s at best a complex adaptive system, but since 2011 I’ve approached growth and funnels as an “ecosystem”.
  • Copywriting: Your idea (and message) is the only thing that actually converts. Direct Response and “Conversion Copywriting”, the modern version of it, hold the key.
  • Frameworks and models for exponential growth: Growth marketing that takes you from initial traction to scale. Companies who have traction and are looking to scale get the most out of what I have to say.
  • Growth marketing: Campaigns and Funnels that blend outbound/inbound, offline/online, a strong data and analytics framework, is the new marketing. Sure, “growth hacks” can be useful, but without a fundamental dedication to overall growth marketing strategies, you’ll just play in a sandbox.
  • Growth team management: Growth does not happen by one person, and for the sake of your company, you need to develop and manage a dedicated growth team. People in charge of marketing teams (or looking to build one) with an emphasis on growth will especially appreciate this kind of content.
  • Psychology (cognitive biases, persuasion, etc.): Your buyers are your constant in an omnichannel and multi-device world. Deep understanding of psychology, psychographics, behavioral economics, cognitive biases, etc. will help you achieve growth.