AI for content is here to stay. 

You know it, I know it, and anyone who writes words for the Internet knows it. 

But here’s the thing:

How useful are all these AI content writing tools and apps?

As with most other things in life — it depends.

I reviewed and rated 41 different tools using AI and machine learning for content, and that’s definitely not all of them. 

Here’s how I rated the tools on the list:

  • The tools are in alphabetical order.
  • Each tool has a focus (some copy, others blogs, some optimization), so take the ratings with a grain of salt.
  • We used a 1-5 bot rating system (because, why not?)

Each section includes a bit of information on the company, its focus, the quality of the AI writing (in bots), and notable features.

41 AI Writing Tools Reviewed and Rated

1. AI Writer


Ai Writer AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Writing large amounts of content is a challenge for any organization. It takes a significant investment in both time and money. 

Yet, the future is now, so to say, and there are tools like that can help you make your content writing more efficient. 

AI Writer takes 2 minutes to come up with up to 1200 words of content. 

All you have to do is write the headline or intent of the article, click once, and wait. Once the 2-minute timer rings, you’ll have the option to see the draft and edit it directly on the platform. 

It also features an SEO-focused editor that helps you stay on track with your SEO goals. 

Focus: You can use these AI copywriting tools to write articles, ebooks, webinars, blog posts, and more. Whether you want to create great content or produce short pieces, AI writers can help you do this and with solid grammar. 

It won’t replace a writer yet. Some sections of the content tend not to make sense together. But most of what it generates is helpful and will speed up your writing process.

Quality of Bot Writing:  3.5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Easy to use interface. 
  • Solid grammar in the articles. 
  • Pricing starts at $29/month
  • Free trial with no credit card required. 

2. AnyWord


AnyWord AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Copywriting is often considered both an art and a science. It’s a skill that takes a long time for writers to develop since you need compelling and persuasive content. 

Copy means having a deep understanding of buyer psychology and the ability to craft eye-catching messaging. 

Anyword’s AI copywriting software aims for unique marketing language that will get people to convert. 

Marketers enter a URL, summary, or product description with Any Word. A few moments later, they’ll get a unique copy that uses predictive analytics to increase its odds of creating conversions. 

Focus: Any Word is worth your consideration If your marketing team needs to save time when creating your marketing campaigns. 

Since digital marketing often requires you to produce large amounts of content across different platforms, being able to get it done at scale is a huge advantage. 

Landing pages, social media ads, pay-per-click campaigns, emails, text messages, and even blog posts enjoy Any Words’ high converting marketing copy. 

Quality of Bot Writing: 4 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Designed to create conversion-oriented copy
  • It reads your website or product page to come up with ads
  • It can create many variations of your copy for your a/b tests 

3. Article Forge


Article Forge AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Short and medium-form content are the biggest drivers of website traffic. The search engines love this kind of content and reward websites with large amounts of it. Yet, creating large quantities of this content can be very time-consuming and challenging to write. 

So if your marketing strategy requires a high content volume, you can now use software such as Article Forge that can reliably create 250 to 1500-word articles in minutes.

Focus: Article Forge is for articles, not writing headlines and emails. This tool centers on creating short to medium-length articles. 

Also, it features a bulk article creation option. 

The significant advantage of Article Forge is its ability to place the content it generates on a WordPress site automatically. Another feature is the ability to insert relevant videos and images, which increase the visibility of finished articles and help boost search engine rankings.

Article Forge offers support for seven languages.  So if you’re looking for a tool that can automate your SEO efforts, Article Forge is well worth a try.

Quality of Bot Writing:  3 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Supports seven languages
  • Creates articles up to 1500 words
  • Ability to create articles in bulk

4. Closers Copy


Closers Copy AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

For most online businesses, closing more sales is their key objective. Of course, it’s always great to get more traffic and increase your rankings. But unless your sales are also going up, it doesn’t make much of a difference in your bottom line. 

Closers Copy is an AI-driven copywriting software that claims to help improve the quality of your website’s marketing copy. However, they claim their most significant differentiator is that they don’t use generic AI. 

Instead, they use one that specializes in marketing copy. 

Focus: Creating high-quality marketing copy that increases conversions are not the same as creating large amounts of SEO content. 

And this is what ClosersCopy wants to emphasize the minute you land on their website. 

The price point for ClosersCopy is slightly higher than other options on the market, but they claim the increased price ties to the specificity with which their AI engine can handle sales copy. 

Online reviews and testimonials of the platform confirm that it can indeed come up with valuable copywriting. Yet, it still needs human supervision. It still hasn’t gotten to where you can completely trust the content it creates. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Sales and marketing-specific content creation
  • A large community of users to share best practices
  • Constant updates on the platform to improve performance

5. Content at Scale


Content at Scale AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

The market for automated writing platforms has been quickly expanding ever since gpt3 launched in 2020. GPT3 serves as the foundation for most automating writing platforms since it has the ability to learn and generate content that can actually be used commercially. 

Content at Scale is a new competitor in the AI-powered automated writing field. 

It has not launched yet but will do so shortly. Its goal is to, as its name implies, help content marketers create content in large volumes. 

Focus: Content marketing is still one of the most effective ways to help a business get high-quality traffic that can eventually turn into sales. And one most effective tactic is to create long-form articles that are over 2000 words. 

This is exactly the niche that content at scale is aiming to serve. 

As per its website, it will have a set of customizable templates that will help give marketers greater control over the direction in which the AI writer goes in the article. So it strikes a very usable middle ground between automation and customization so that the content can be more targeted. Kind of like you will do if you task a human writer with a series of articles. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  Unknown 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Created specifically for long-form content
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Advanced customization of content. 

6. Content Villain


Content Villian AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

As powerful as AI is, most marketers want to at least give a quick read at whatever it comes up with. The main reason is that AI writing will sometimes create content that seems somehow disconnected or in the worst cases, completely nonsensical. 

This really isn’t the AI engine’s fault, but rather is our ability to tell it what it needs to do and “teach ” how it should read. 

Content Villain knows this and has created a solution for their users. They have a series of ways to help you better guide and teach your AI writer. The expectation is that the more time you spend with it, the better your content will become. 

Focus: The main differentiator from the competition is that Content Villain expands on its users ability to train the AI writer. 

To complement this, it also has templates that will help you get more targeted styles such as product descriptions and blog posts. The idea is that by doing this the AI engine will learn exactly what to look for and then you’ll have to spend less time editing and rewriting. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  3 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Ability to train your AI writer
  • $5 for a five day trial 
  • It can scan for emails on websites.

7. Content Bot


Content Bot AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Content bot takes a more premium approach to AI content creation. Whereas some of the competition tends to focus on a more general style of content creation, Content Bot wants to cater specifically to the needs of agencies and human writers. 

Most people who have used GPT3 based writing software have come to see it as a highly evolved writing tool. It still hasn’t reached the point where it will replace a human writer. But it can add value in the writing process by doing research and coming up with ideas that writers can expand on. 

Focus: Content Bot targets agencies and writers who have been using writing tools to do their work. So they position themselves as a highly effective tool that will help them write more high quality content faster. 

They created a whole range of tools that guide the AI writer to help you get more usable content faster. Overall, they want you to use Content Bot as an idea generator that you can then refine in the editing process. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Several different types of content templates
  • Different payment plans to fit needs
  • Includes tools that can help writers come up with different writing angles. 

8. Copy AI


Copy AI AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

As you can tell by this article, the AI writer space is quickly increasing. It’s been only 2 years since GPT3 was launched, and the adoption of AI writing tools across marketing professionals has been incredibly fast. 

There is a good reason for the widespread adoption of AI writing tools. And it is because they work and you can definitely get a positive ROI on them. In a nutshell, they can all help you write more content and increase your productivity.  

CopyAI is one of the more popular platforms. It’s used by a large number of high profile clients across a variety of industries. 

Focus: CopyAI differs from other AI writing solutions by letting you give more direction to the AI writer. Because the more context you can give the AI engine, the better content it will probably give you. 

Also, it has a series of tools that can help you in the idea generation process. If you’ve ever had to come up with a set of headlines, or email subject lines, you will know how valuable this tool can be. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • High quality of bot writing because you can give it comprehensive context
  • Completely free version of the app. 
  • Supports 25 different languages. 

9. Copy Monkey


Copy Monkey AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

E Commerce is an area where a lot of marketers have started using AI writing software. 

Whether it’s with writing ads, emails, social media posts, or product descriptions, having a degree of automation can accelerate the process. 

It’s particularly attractive for this use because there are many one person ecommerce operations that have to list hundreds, if not thousands, of skus. 

Copy Monkey is an AI writing tool that specifically caters to the needs of Amazon sellers. Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform in the world, and as you might imagine, some products have stiff competition. 

Making sure your products have the best product description will help your products get noticed by the algorithm and peak the interest of your potential buyers. 

Focus: Copy Monkey specializes in creating product copy for products on Amazon. This makes it a very attractive proposition for Amazon sellers because if they can improve the performance of their products while investing a minimal amount of time they’ll see a significant ROI boost. 

Copy Monkey offers a variety of features that are Amazon specific. 

These include competitor analysis, keyword optimization, and the conversion copy. All these features make it highly attractive for anyone who uses amazon as their main selling channel. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • AI engine specifically trained to create Amazon product copy
  • Free trial so you can see how it compares to your own copy
  • It can create product descriptions in bulk. 

10. CopyPad


CopyPad AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Some ecommerce business models require you to have hundreds of individual products. Whether you sell them through Amazon or your own website, the quality of these product descriptions will make an impact on your bottom line. 

The challenge is that making hundreds of product descriptions can be very expensive and time consuming if you hire a pro-level writer. Which means that this could potentially be out of the reach of small businesses. CopyPad offers a viable alternative by providing its users an AI writing engine trained to write product descriptions. 

Focus: Product descriptions have become formulaic. In other words, too much data analysis and not enough relatability. 

CopyPad’s AI writer knows these formulas and applies them to the product descriptions you ask it to write. This means that you increase the odds of your products getting sales while saving time by not having to create the content yourself. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Free trial available for you to test it out
  • Pricing starts at $10 
  • Specifically trained to create product descriptions

11. Copysmith


Copysmith AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

With more and more people choosing to buy from online stores than from brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce is more competitive than ever. 

For this reason, businesses that sell online need to become as efficient as possible and optimize every step of their sales funnel.

This is why you’ll find that there is a whole suite of tools that help ecommerce businesses automate every aspect of their marketing. Copysmith falls into this category of tools since it helps you automate one of the most time consuming aspects of managing ecommerce websites.

Focus: The concept behind Copysmith is that you can show the AI engine your product and it will come up with an entire campaign in a matter of minutes. Of course, it would be wise to go over all the copies it creates, but even still, you’ll save a large amount of time. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Designed specifically for ecommerce businesses
  • Ability to create product descriptions in bulk
  • Templates for a variety of copy needs

12. Craftly


Craftly AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

The search engine’s goal is to make sure its users find what they want, and content is the way they understand what your website is about. So being able to create enough content across your website and social media becomes a high priority if getting new visitors to your website is a priority for you. 

Craftly helps you create a large variety of content in a short amount of time. 

Think of it as a highly advanced idea generator that comes up with content you can actually use. Craftly has all the templates you need to mostly automate your ecommerce marketing. It has templates for product description, social media posts, and marketing campaigns.

Focus: Tell Craftly what type of content you want, like a blog or social media post. Then, give it some parameters so that it knows what to look for. 

And once you’ve done this, it will give you a few options. You pick the one that you like the most and then use it and then edit it to make sure it aligns with your goals. 

Kind of like how you would do with a real writer when giving them a brief, only the AI will come up with the content in a matter of minutes, instead of hours or days. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4 🤖

Notable Features:

  • It includes several tools to inspire human writers such as headline creator and keyword generator. 
  • Several different industry specific templates. 
  • Gives you different tone options so you can choose what best fits your needs.


Website: AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Understanding your buyer is the first step to being able to create relevant copy. To do this you need to spend the time needed to understand the niche. You can’t just write generic content that works for SEO but is meaningless to your niche. 

CrawlQ helps you automate the process of researching your niche. Once it has done its due diligence, you can tell it what type of content it needs to create. 

From that point on you can continue to give it feedback so that it can refine and improve the relevance of the content it creates. 

Focus: CrawlQ wants to make the whole process of creating marketing copy as automated as possible. Essentially, you’ll just point it in the right direction and help it make better choices. (Aka content optimizes itself via the changes you make.)

Quality of Bot Writing:  4 🤖

Notable Features:

  • It does niche research on its own It also features an api to integrate with Reddit and Quora. 
  • Designed to help you build and increase your brand’s authority. 
  • Multi-tier pricing options that start at $31.99

14. Frase


Frase AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Search engine optimization has been one of the best ways of grabbing the attention of the search engines. Once your website is on their radar, they’ll start sending you high quality traffic that typically translates to sales. 

The problem is that SEO is not easy or as clear cut.  

Back in the day, you could “stuff” your content with keywords and call that an SEO strategy. (It was never good, nor “strategic.”)  The algorithms are significantly better at reading your content — making sure it actually provides value to the user. 

This is where Frase comes in. 

Focus: Frase is for content marketers that have a clear SEO strategy in mind. Its AI writer makes sure to write highly relevant, and more importantly, original content. 

As this is one of the search engines main criteria. Frase has templates that aim to help you write some of the most impactful SEO content such as listicles, blogs, and product reviews.

Quality of Bot Writing:  5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • It creates the content based on the SEO guideline you give the AI.
  • It understands how the Google search engine works and creates content based on SEO best practices. 
  • Also available are AI powered SEO tools to help you measure the impact of the content you are creating. 

15. Grammarly


Grammarly AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Proofreading is one the first areas where AI got its start. The reason is that AI engines still need to understand the intent of the content. That is, if they are to provide anything more than a simple spell check. 

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar and proofreading tools in the market. As you will probably notice from their hefty marketing budget. The tool is easy to use and isn’t much of a leap for writers and content marketers. 

Focus: Grammarly is a free online grammar checker. 

Simply copy and paste your work into the box above the editor, click Check My Work, and get back a list of mistakes and suggestions to fix them. If you’re looking for a premium service, they offer a Premium version that includes plagiarism detection and style detection. 

Even though Grammarly doesn’t write content for you, it uses its AI engine to re-write some sections of your content so that it reads better. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  1 🤖

Notable Features:

  • It’s an easy AI tool to implement because it does not dramatically change the workflow of writers. 
  • It provides multiple suggestions to improve the readability of the content.
  • Free and paid versions are available. 

16. Growth Bar


Growth Bar AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

As mentioned earlier in this article, SEO has become very competitive. In its early days, you could “Trick” the algorithms and use black-hat tactics to game the system. 

Those practices don’t work anymore. The search engines have become increasingly capable of finding these sketchy practices and penalizing the sites that use them. 

This means that the only option is to play by the rules and create useful content that human readers will find valuable. 

This is the area of content writing that Growth Bar focuses on. 

Focus: GrowthBar is an AI powered SEO tool that helps businesses get more traffic from Google, Bing and other major search engines. 

The site offers a variety of tools to help marketers optimize their websites for improved visibility on top of its content creation capabilities. These include competitor analysis, keyword research, and other extremely valuable SEO tools. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Specialized in creating content that helps your website improve its ranking in Google and Bing searches. 
  • Includes additional tools that help you gauge the impact that your content is making on your ranking.
  • It offers a 100% money back guarantee in case you don’t like the platform. 

17. Headlime


Headlime AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

GPT3 was a game changer in the content generation space. 

For the first time, AI was capable of creating content that was actually useful. And not just some discombobulated, albeit sometimes comical, mishmash of words that somehow made grammatical sense. 

Headlime is another player in the AI content generation space that uses GPT3 as a foundation for their platform. 

It’s important to realize that GPT3 is only the engine, or the brains so to speak. The real value comes from how the company has trained it. And this is the area that the Headlime team has focused on. 

Focus:  Headlime offers a whole suite of different content templates that will help the Ai engine focus on the type of content that you want. Since Headlime merged with, it is now entering the conversion copywriting space. 

So landing pages and other forms of conversion oriented copywriting are also in the menu. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  3.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • According to their website, most of the content that the AI engine generates is to be used as a parting point for the human writers to increase their efficiency.  
  • Available in 11 languages and features a large variety of copy templates. 
  • Monthly pricing starts at $59.


Website: AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Coming up with ideas is a time consuming process. It isn’t easy, and copywriters spend a lot of their time coming up with usable ones. This isn’t such a big problem if your business only manages a handful of products. 

The problem comes up when you try to do this at scale. 

Hypotenuse has become a tool that writers can use to speed up the idea generating process and focus their efforts on creating the finished product. 

Focus: Hypotenuse has trained their AI engine to write, in their words, compelling content. In other words, their content seems to be more natural to read. 

This aspect makes it easier for writers to take their content and edit it to become a finished product. It has features that let you narrow down the focus of the AI writer so that it can create more effective content. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  3🤖

Notable Features:

  • Creates original copy and offers a plagiarism guarantee. 
  • It features a bulk copy generator.
  • Integrates with Shopify so you can automate product descriptions and other marketing content. 

19. INK


INK AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Writing assistants have been a part of the writing process since commercial writing became a job. 

Back in the day, you would use swipes and reference content for inspiration. 

Today we have AI powered tools that can help you make sure every aspect of your writing is on point. Whether it’s the research, grammar, or even the idea generation process. 

INK is a writing assistant that allows writers to increase their productivity and generate content. Fatigue and writer’s block are real issues we all face. 

INK helps you break productivity plateaus and reach new productivity heights. 

Focus: INK is a content writing tool to rewrite your content and optimize it for Google search, aka SEO. The tool also enables you to make your content easier to understand and rank better on the search engines. 

It has two main sections to help you create and optimize your content. You can choose to write a new article or rewrite an old one. 

It helps eCommerce owners and marketers brainstorm ideas and write content at a click of button. Its advanced artificial intelligence engine helps you expand and simplify sentences so that your readability scores are high. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4🤖

Notable Features:

  • Works great as an idea generator and writing assistant.
  • Great for SEO and for writing product descriptions
  • It combines an AI writer, grammar checker, keyword generator, SEO analytics, and paraphrasing tool in one convenient package.

20. Jasper


Jasper AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Scaling the amount of content on your website used to be a very expensive proposition. It would typically involve you growing your marketing team, or working with an agency that specializes in content marketing. 

With tools like Jasper, you have the potential to increase the volume of content produced leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Focus: Jasper is a tool for everyone, from small businesses to marketing teams who need to scale their content production. With a quick and easy interface, Jasper can write content for your website, blog, or social media accounts in minutes.

It covers the whole gamut of writing needs and its most unique feature is its team collaboration tools. Jasper’s collaborative features make it useful for businesses working with contractors and for marketing teams. 

Jasper is one of the most used AI writing tools, adopted by a variety of businesses across many industries.

Quality of Bot Writing:  5🤖

Notable Features:

  • One of the most popular AI writing tools. Hundreds of positive reviews back up their marketing claims. 
  • Features an entire section of direct response content writing. 
  • A free version with limited functionality is available for you to try out before subscribing to the monthly plan. 

21. LongShot


Longshot AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Even though social media’s bite sized messaging has made many people believe that nobody reads anymore, that is far from the truth. 

Long form content is still one of the most effective ways of helping your website rank and convert more sales. 

One of the reasons why long form content is valuable. It takes time and research. In other words, it’s easy to spot long form content that isn’t well-written — since it doesn’t make sense to human readers. 

LongShot aims (see what I did there) for longer content.

Focus: LongShot is an AI writing tool focused on accelerating the process of creating long form content. It can create shorter content, but its main focus is on creating articles and blog posts over 2000+ words. 

Its value comes from the AI powered research that it does before writing the article. It will do genuine SEO research so that the content created can have all the necessary keywords and ends up making a positive impact on its rankings. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Great way to speed up the creation of long form content
  • Comprehensive SEO tools that allow you to automate keywords and competition research. 
  • Includes a plagiarism checker to make sure all the content created is original. 

22. NeuralText


NeuralText AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor is a writer’s worst nightmare. 

It’s an incredibly stressful feeling not being able to come up with usable ideas. But up to now, it was simply part of the process of writing content. This is where tools like NeuralText have come to help writers and content marketers get rid of the blank page syndrome. 

Focus: NeuralText is more of an AI writing assistant. Designed for writing teams and marketers to keep control over the direction of their content. 

The NeuralText suite of writing tools include idea generators, keyword research, headline generators, and long form writing tools. 

The concept behind it is that a writer will paste the brief into NeuralText and then in a few minutes users have everything to start building high-quality content. As opposed to spending that time simply staring at the screen.

Quality of Bot Writing:  3.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Accelerates the research stage with automated keyword research and competitor analysis. 
  • It can integrate with Google Docs, Shopify, and WordPress. 
  • Features an SEO optimization tool that rewrites old content so that it performs better.

23. Outranking


Outranking AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Having a solid SEO strategy is the most important part of getting results with the content you create. And it’s often in this first step that content marketing teams miss the mark and end up creating content that doesn’t help with the page’s ranking. 

Outranking uses AI powered SEO content strategy generator so that you can have a more reliable way of choosing where to invest your content writing resources. 

Focus: As humans, we have biases that don’t allow us to be 100% objective. It’s for this reason that research can be such a big challenge. 

With Outranking’s AI powered tools you will now be able to automate this critical aspect of SEO and increase the effectiveness of every piece of content you create. 

Outranking can help you with every step of the SEO process. These are research, content creation, and content optimization. And you can do it all within one platform instead of having to invest in multiple tools. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Has the most thorough SEO strategy building tools that takes competitors, topic clusters, keywords, and search volume into consideration. 
  • It has solutions for teams that can be both small and large. 
  • Has an optimization tool that analyzes a piece of content’s past performance and finds ways to improve it. 

24. Peppertype


Peppertype AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

One of the biggest challenges with AI writing tools was being able to give it direction. Because of how GPT3 works, it often goes off and writes what it wants to write. 

Sometimes this works and sometimes it won’t. 

That’s not the AI engine’s fault, rather that the human element was unable to give it appropriate direction. 

The team at Peppertype has found effective and easy ways to help its users give the Ai writer direction. This way you can have a higher likelihood of getting usable content from the get go.

Focus: The main focus of this tool is to give you a simple and intuitive content menu that you can choose from. With peppertype you can write blogs, Shopify product descriptions, Amazon product descriptions, landing pages, blog conclusion, blog body content, and many more types of content. 

What really separates Peppertype from most other AI writing platforms is the degree of specificity with which it tackles content writing. From their perspective, the more specific instructions you can provide, the better results you’ll get from the AI writer. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Over 25 different content types and idea generation tools available. New ones are constantly added. 
  • Will also have access to a content marketplace that will feature audio, video, and written content. 
  • Chrome extension is also available so that you can have a quicker user interface. 

25. ProWritingAid


ProWriting Aid AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Writing aids have always existed, even way back when writers used typewriters. 

You would often find dictionaries, thesaurus, and other support material. When computers became widely available and word processors started being used, writing aids were quickly added. 

Today they have become an integral part of using a word processor such as Word or Docs. Even though they are better, they still do the same function as they did 20 years ago.

Focus: ProWritingAid changes this by providing next generation writing aids to writers and content creators. The main difference between ProWritingAid and traditional writing tools is that it uses an AI engine to read and understand the content and its intent. 

By doing this it is capable of providing grammar and style suggestions. They make the point that by using ProWritingAid you’ll become a better writer. Even though it doesn’t feature a content writer, it does have the ability to rewrite content to improve style and readability.

Quality of Bot Writing:  1🤖

Notable Features:

  • Free version available with a chrome extension. 
  • Designed to help you polish and improve the quality of your writing. 
  • Features grammar, spelling, and writing style analysis

26. Rytr


Rytr AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Copywriting differs from general writing in its main objective. Whereas general commercial writing’s main goal is to inform, copywriting’s goal is to persuade and drive to action. 

It does this by relying on several psychological principles baked into the human consciousness. To do this, it often relies on formulas or structures that have proven to get consistent results. 

Focus: Rytyr is first and foremost an AI writing platform that focuses on Copywriting. 

In essence what they did was to teach its AI engine how to write within proven copywriting structures. And from there, they taught it how to adapt these structures to different formats, such as product descriptions, emails, facebook ads, and many more. 

The idea is that you’ll be able to get more effective content since it is all created with the goal of persuading your reader, rather than simply providing them with information. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  5🤖

Notable Features:

  • It follows proven copywriting structures such as PASM and AIDA to structure the content it creates. 
  • Geared to help copywriters and marketers create copy that converts. 
  • Chrome extension is available so that you can use it across your devices. 

27. Scale Nut


Scale Nut AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

If you want to use content to rank your website, unless you’re in a tiny niche, the reality is that you will have to create large amounts of it for it to give you the results. 

Content marketing is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. And it pays off, but you have to think of it in larger time frames. Think months and years instead of weeks. 

So finding ways to create content consistently, affordably, and at volume is essential for this marketing strategy to work. Scalenut aims to help marketers scale their content production efforts by providing a variety of tools to create more content in less time.

Focus: Creating large amounts of high quality content is what Scale Nut does. 

The workflow that they suggest is that instead of spending your time writing and coming up with ideas. You can spend your time giving objectives and editing the content that Scale Nut creates. 

This process is significantly more efficient in scaling your content creation efforts. And since it always takes into consideration SEO best practices, you should be able to see your page rankings improve. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  3.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Designed to help teams create and manage large amounts of copy. 
  • Takes into consideration SEO best practices to make sure copy improves rankings. 
  • Has an idea generator that uses its niche resource as a source to improve the relevance of its suggestions. 

28. ShortlyAI


ShortlyAI AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Writer’s block is one of the biggest problems that writers have to deal with. Not only is it incredibly frustrating and annoying. 

But it is also expensive to deal with since it directly impacts your productivity. And for most writers, their ability to create quality content consistently is directly correlated with the size of their invoice. 

There are many techniques to combat writer’s block, but Shortly provides a turnkey solution that takes advantage of the power of artificial intelligence. This way you can stop staring at the blinking cursor and get to writing faster. 

Focus:  Shortly functions as a workflow enhancement for writers. It follows a step by step process where you bounce off ideas with your AI writer. Think of it as collaborative writing with a super fast and efficient personal assistant. 

Shortly features topic research tools, grammar assistant, and idea development tools. Then it combines it with a word processing tool. 

The concept behind Shortly is that you can start writing and when you start to slow down or run out of ideas, you use the AI assistant to get back on track. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  5🤖

Notable Features:

  • It’s designed for writers to speed up and create content consistently. 
  • Provides highly relevant content based on what has already been provided by the writer. 
  • It’s used as a different writing workflow that can complement what a writer already does. 

29. SmartWriter


SmartWriter AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

For some reason, there always claims that email is dead. That it no longer brings results, and that you should focus on social media instead. This is flat out wrong. 

Marketing research from top data agencies confirm that email is as effective as it always has been. As a matter of fact it still remains as one of the most effective marketing channels available. 

Focus: SmartWriter is an AI powered email writing platform designed to help you scale the process of writing marketing emails. 

The reason it becomes so handy is because complex email strategies will often contain dozens of different emails. And creating all these emails can be a time consuming process, so being able to accelerate it will let you test them out significantly quicker. 

The most attractive aspect of SmartWriter is that it does personalized research on LinkedIn, podcasts, and other sites available to create personalized emails. This greatly increases the effectiveness of your cold outreach campaigns since it will grab your prospects’ attention. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • The platform focuses on email marketing. 
  • A great way to accelerate prospect research to send them personalized cold email outreach. 
  • 7-day free trial and pricing starts at $59/month. 

30. Smodin


Smodin AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

The language of the internet is often considered to be english. And it is the language in which most websites are written. 

However, it only accounts for around 25% of all the internet. That means that there is a massive 75% of the internet in other languages. So if you want a quick way to increase the size of your audience, writing your website in different languages is a good idea.

Focus: The problem with translating your website to other languages is that you need to be fluent in these other languages. 

Yes, tools like Google translate exist, but if you’ve tried it, it works ok with individual words or short sentences. But it is not as reliable with longer texts. 

Smodin tries to leverage its AI engine to provide a more consistent way to translate large amounts of text. The advantage is that it features a whole host of tools which allow you to also add text in this other language. It’s like being able to add a highly efficient, and affordable, translator to your team. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  3🤖

Notable Features:

  • A great way to translate and create content in multiple languages. 
  • Over 40 supported languages.
  • Includes multilingual translator, text generator, plagiarism check and more. 


Website: AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Having brainstorming and idea generation sessions with your core team is a great way to find new ways to approach a topic. It’s not easy, yet often yields great results. 

But what can you do if you don’t have a team you can rely on? Use something, like Storylab.

Focus: Storylabs’ focus is not just to create text in bulk or to give you the AI thoughts on a few keywords. Instead, Storylab tries to help you in the process of outlining and finding new ways to plan out your content. 

Its most important feature is its “inspire me” button. You can add some keywords or ideas, and the AI engine will go out and look for context and come back with something that you can use as inspiration for your content. 

Once you do that, it features additional tools to expand on these ideas. This way you can guide your AI writer in a way that is always aligned with your content’s objectives. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Designed to be an idea generator and content planning assistant.
  • Features support for several different types of content such as blogs, emails, ads, etc. 
  • Free version available and pricing starts at $7/month.


Website: AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Businesses need content, and lots of it. They need to have a social media presence, update their blog, send emails, and much more. This may not be too bad if they only have one platform per content type. 

But if their strategy relies on creating a presence across multiple platforms, then the amount of content they need to produce multiplies. 

Focus: Snazzy is an AI writing tool that belongs to Unbounce, which is one of the most popular landing page creation tools. 

Snazzy has the goal to help you create all the content that you need across all the different platforms. So say for example, you have one Facebook post, snazzy can use that inspiration to create tweets, LinkedIn posts, a blog, and an email sequence. 

With Snazzy repurposing and adapting content takes minutes and gives you a huge leap in productivity when maintaining all your digital channels active. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Perfect for teams that need to produce content on a large number of platforms.
  • Great add on if you already use the Unbounce suite of products.
  • Its being rebranded as SmartCopy at the moment.

33. SurferSEO


SurferSEO AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Most writers and marketers will agree that, for the most part, AI writing tools still aren’t ready to take the jobs of humans. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be useful. 

Far from it, AI tools have proven that they can dramatically speed up the content creation process and help human writers come up with their best content in a lot less time. 

Focus: SurferSEO is a tool designed to help SEO writers with the task of outlining posts while adhering to SEO goals. With SurferSEO, writers can come up with an outline and some content so that they can use it as a parting point. 

This is great news for writers, because it can be really difficult to come up with interesting content based on specific keywords. So this tool should accelerate the process in a significant way. 

Quality of Bot Writing:  4🤖

Notable Features:

  • Helps make writers more efficient and get rid of writer’s block. 
  • Make sure all your content stays in line with your SEO goals. 
  • Free for SurferSEO users. 

34. Textcortex


Textcortex AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Repurposing content is one of the best ways to make the most out of your content marketing investment. It’s great for your users because they get to learn more about your product. Also the search engines love it when you use your content in different ways. It signals that the content is of high value and that it should receive more traffic.

Focus: Textcortex is a suite of AI powered writing tools designed to help you write content faster. It features several different templates for different types of writing, a chrome extension, and different pricing tiers to fit your needs. 

Its standout feature is its ability to rewrite and repurpose your content. 

This is great, because it gives the AI writer a highly relevant reference, your existing content. This is also great because repurposing content is a time consuming activity. It almost takes as much time as writing the article. 

So you will definitely save time in your content management by using

Quality of Bot Writing: 3.5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Great tool for repurposing your existing content.
  • Available as a chrome extension.
  • Free version available and premium version starts at $9.99/month.

35. Thunder Content


Thunder Content AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Having multilingual support is a big advantage for your product or service. Especially if you sell it online. Because not every potential buyer speaks English, you will open yourself to a whole new audience. 

So if you translate your site to another 2 or 3 languages, you’ll be in great shape. But if you could translate it to 20 different languages, then that would certainly give you an edge.

Focus: Thunder Content is an AI content generator like the others on the list. But it puts a big emphasis on making it easy to create content in multiple languages. This is its key differentiator. 

Also, its interface integrates with your workflow. It has an interface that resembles Google Docs with the addition of the AI content generator tool. This way you can write and simply ask the AI writer to add as much as you need to reach your writing goals. 

Quality of Bot Writing: 3 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Supports over 12 different languages.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Plagiarism checker to make sure content is original.

36. Typli


Typli AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

SEO is one of the prime use cases for AI generated content. That is because a big aspect of having a solid SEO strategy is having enough content in the first place. 

How much you need will depend on how competitive your niche is, but for the most part, the more content you can create, the better your strategy will perform.

Focus: Typli is a platform designed to cater to the needs of SEO marketing. It helps you with every aspect of SEO marketing. 

You have access to a keyword research tool, competitor analysis, content creation tool, and keyword analytics. 

You can use Typli as your one stop SEO tool, since it lets you take over the whole process and get feedback on what is working and what is not. This way you can focus on planning, editing, and on coming up with ways to optimize your content strategy.

Quality of Bot Writing: 3 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Supports over 12 different languages.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Firefox, Chrome, and WordPress integration.

37. UseTopic


UseTopic AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Creating content briefs is the most critical step needed to make sure that you get the results you are looking for from your SEO investment. 

If your briefs are off or unclear, then your writers won’t target the keywords in the right way. This is a big deal because the search engines understand the context in which the keywords are being used. So simply stuffing them onto a blog doesn’t work well.

Focus: UseTopic helps SEO marketers with the process of creating better briefs faster. It does it by automating the research process. 

It’s capable of analyzing what are the best options based on google rankings and competitor analysis. And it also lets you know in proper keyword context. 

With UseTopic you’ll be able to provide clear and targeted direction to your content creators. Also, you can provide examples since it provides a very handy text generator. This way you can make sure that your brief is as thorough and precise as possible. 

All while taking significantly less time to piece it together. 

Quality of Bot Writing: 4 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Specifically designed to create SEO briefs.
  • Automates the SEO research process.
  • It calculates the impact it can potentially have on your SEO before the content is published. 

38. WordAI


WordAi AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Content editing makes just as big an impact to the overall quality of the text as the writing process does. However, self editing can be a difficult process. 

Focus: WordAI helps you automate the editing process by using its AI engine to read and give you the best options. This way you can spot areas of opportunity faster and your editing decision can be more targeted. 

WordAI can help you restructure sentences for improved readability, add more text, describe the same ideas differently, and improve the clarity of the content. This way you can self edit your content efficiently, ensuring content is as polished as possible. 

Quality of Bot Writing: 1 🤖

Notable Features:

  • One of the most comprehensive AI powered tools for editing content.
  • Great complement for other AI writing tools or for a writing team. 
  • 3-day free trial and pricing starts at $57.


Website: AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Organic traffic is the most valued type of website visitor. 

These types of visitors already have a need and a high buy intent. Even more so than paid traffic visitors. So for most businesses, increasing the amount of organic traffic makes a direct impact on their bottom line. 

It’s for this reason that SEO and content marketing are still a big part of the overall marketing strategy for many industries. 

Focus: Wordlift is another SEO focused AI writing platform. It includes all of the features that you will need to accelerate and optimize the process of creating effective SEO content that will increase your organic traffic. 

It features a website analyzer that you can use to better understand how the search engines perceive your website. Once you’ve done this you can rewrite what you already have or create entirely new content that will improve your SEO. 

Quality of Bot Writing: 5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Analyzes your website and uses it as the foundation for its keyword generation. 
  • Provides content recommendations that you can use to complement your backlink strategy. 
  • Integrates with Google analytics, Sheets, and Google Data Studio. 

40. Writecream


Writecream AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Content personalization is one of the elements that have been changing the game in the content and email marketing space. That is because personalized content can perform up to 50% better than content that isn’t personalized. 

The reason is that people get bombarded with thousands of messages per day. But if one of them has some of their personal information, then it will better grab their attention. 

Focus: Writecream automates the research process needed to create personalized content. It then uses this research to create emails or other personalized content. 

This is a gamechanger for cold outreach campaigns, since the research process is usually the most time consuming aspect of it. With Writecream you’ll be able to send better cold emails, faster, and more affordably.

Quality of Bot Writing: 5 🤖

Notable Features:

  • Automates the research process for cold outreach campaigns. 
  • Writes sales emails, follow up emails, as well as blogs and other types of content. 
  • Integrates with LinkedIn so you can automate your cold outreach on this platform as well. 

41. Writesonic


Writesonic AI Content Writing Tools and Apps

Adding longform content to your content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to grab the search engine’s attention. 

There are several businesses across a variety of industries that have taken this approach and fueled their growth with it. However, they have usually had a deep marketing budget to rely on. 

Focus: Writesonic is designed to help small businesses scale their long form content creation. 

It does it by providing tools that accelerate every step of the process. 

Writesonic features an idea generator, intro writer, outline creator, and readability optimizer. All that’s left is for the human writer is to add some additional context and edit to fit the voice of the brand. 

With this approach Writesonic’s customers have reported to have been able to produce up to two times as much content in the same amount of time. So if long form content is a big part of your strategy, Writesonic should definitely be a tool you consider to implement. 

Quality of Bot Writing: 4.5🤖

Notable Features:

  • Helps accelerate the process of writing long form content. 
  • Features a convenient text expander and article summarizer that you can use to repurpose and expand upon your existing content.
  • A 7 day free trial is available for you to try out the workflow.