Online marketing, CRO, and copywriting will never be the same.

Thanks to AI and Machine Learning, combined with copywriting and CRO, you can now optimize any page and expect results like:

  • Increase conversions on your page by +193% (average).
  • Reduce costs, like CPA and/or CAC by 47% (average).
  • Uncover new angles and hooks you can use anywhere.
  • Maximize page traffic without increasing ad spend.
  • Discover new ways to present promises and offers.

This process deploys various AI tools to crunch your numbers, identify opportunities, analyze your page, develop variants, and produce copy and CRO tactics that perform really well.

I’ve been using these tools since 2019 and, at this point, have proprietary datasets that help me write copy and optimize for more conversions beyond anything else I’ve ever tried.

With this optimization process, you’ll get a +41% to +387% lift in conversions in the first round of testing. The more we test, the better results.

The initial scan and analysis takes 3-5 days. Once that’s done, we develop new copy and layout/design recommendations for 2 variants to test against your control. You’ll have those within 5-6 days. That means you’ll go live with 2 variants within 14 days or sooner.

Up until now, the only way to get access to this process and have me work on your page was by referral only.

I’m opening up a few spots for the rest of 2022. This is so I can update my models and most importantly: produce more winners, faster.

This works on landing pages (any traffic source) and high-traffic website pages with a conversion event.

Normal price: $5,000.

Buy here: SOLD OUT (Soon opening spots for 2024).

If you need specific help with AI (for marketing, copywriting, business), you can book a paid coaching session here.