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Do You Know The 14 Signs Of
A "Leaky" Website And An
Underperforming Marketing Strategy?

Plugging The Leaks And Developing A Better Performing Website
And Online Marketing Strategy Could Increase The Number Of Leads
And Sales You Get By 37%* Or More.

These 14 Signs Could Be Causing You To Lose Leads And Sales,
Do You Want To Know What They Are?

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Hey there, I’m Samuel Woods

I’m a Marketing Consultant, nice to meet you! If this was in person, I’d offer you an Arnold Palmer and a quick chat.

I love creating and optimizing online marketing + sales funnels that generate more leads and sales for your business.

There’s more to how this actually works below…

Here Are The 14 Signs Of A
“Leaky” And Underperforming
Website + Online Marketing Strategy

These signs are indicators that something about your website and online marketing just isn’t right.

You can usually tell when your website is not generating enough leads, email subscribers, or sales.

So, how many of these problems do you recognize and match up with your experience?

  1. Visitors browse your website but they are not turning into leads or buyers.
  2. Your value proposition isn’t attracting that many and certainly doesn’t motive enough people to take action.
  3. If you need leads, they’re usually poorly qualified and not your ideal buyer.
  4. Your landing pages barely convert at less than 5%.
  5. If you need sales, they’re not happening as often as you’d like and it seems like very few want your products.
  6. You’re Tweeting, connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook-ing, blog commenting, and cranking out content but not seeing much traction or results.
  7. Your customers aren’t coming back to buy more, or more often.
  8. You don’t know which marketing channels are driving the best leads and buyers — and if you did, you don’t really know how to improve things.
  9. You’re not sure who your ideal target market is, what they need, want, or how to best attract them.
  10. Your email marketing isn’t capturing enough prospects or nurturing leads into buyers.
  11. You’re wondering what you should be doing next to actually boost your cash-flow and business.
  12. You’re not getting the right kind or number of website visitors you need to reach your business goals.
  13. Your visitors are not taking the actions you want due to lack of trust and no incentives.
  14. You’re not attracting qualified prospects and spend a lot of money and effort to get those you end up with.

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