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The Answer To: “When Do We Build A Growth Team?” – Part 1

Growth Marketing - Online Marketing by Samuel J. Woods

Do you know what you’re doing with your marketing? Do you know the “How” and “When” of implementing growth marketing strategies and tactics? If your work revolves around increasing leads and sales, the struggle is not about “If” you should use high-growth marketing, but more about “When” you should. For many, the challenge facing anyone… Continue Reading

B2B SaaS, Software, Tech: Preparing Your Team For Growth – Part 2

Growth Teams - Online Marketing by Samuel J. Woods

You’re not going to win the "marketing lottery” with a campaign that generates hockey-stick growth. You will probably never go “viral” or be a YouTube sensation. The days of global vitality is largely over, as channels are becoming more fragmented and niche, while simultaneously disappearing. For a B2C company, you don’t want to go viral… Continue Reading

B2B SaaS, Software, Tech: Preparing Your Team For Growth – Part 1

Growth Marketing Consulting  - Online Marketing by Samuel J. Woods

If you’re a B2B software/tech company, how do you go from traction to scale? That’s a big question that can’t be answered in one, single blog post, but the start of a solution comes down to: Your existing team and structure. Your existing systems and processes for attraction, acquisition, retention, and growth. Your marketing and… Continue Reading

What Makes The Perfect “Growth Hacking” Team?

What Makes The Perfect "Growth Hacking" Team?

I don't always post on Twitter, but when I do, I use the shotgun approach. In particular, I started firing off questions and comments regarding "Growth Hacker". I'm not a huge fan of the label, but have made peace with its existence and usage (I prefer just "Growth Marketing"). Anyway, in the age when a… Continue Reading