A “core story” is simple — It is your business’ story.

If told correctly, it can give all your customers a reason to rally behind your business and invest their resources in helping your business succeed – not just buy what you’re selling.

Here’s What Your Core Story Should Contain:

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Psychology matters in marketing. Way more than most people think…or let’s be honest, use.

And, it doesn’t apply to just content.

Marketers should be tapping into psychology in every single stage of the business from building a team to creating a pricing strategy and selling your product.

Time to hit those dusty old psychology books.

In this growth marketing mix you’ll find:

  • Why knowing the ‘why’ behind your digital marketing strategy is the key to success.
  • The difference between growth hacking and growth marketing (and why it matters more than you think).
  • How to go deep on psychographics and why behavioral analytics can transform your marketing strategy.

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Content has to be a cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy.

Now here’s the real question?

Are you optimizing your content to convert visitors at every single stage of your funnel?

If you’re not, then you are missing out on real deal revenue.

In this growth marketing mix you’ll find:

  • How to track the relationship between your content and the revenue it’s producing.
  • A real strategy to get your customers engaged during every single step of your marketing funnel.
  • The question you should be asking yourself before your startup is ready to go to market.

Sound good? Well, keep reading!

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