Content has to be a cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy.

Now here’s the real question?

Are you optimizing your content to convert visitors at every single stage of your funnel?

If you’re not, then you are missing out on real deal revenue.

In this growth marketing mix you’ll find:

  • How to track the relationship between your content and the revenue it’s producing.
  • A real strategy to get your customers engaged during every single step of your marketing funnel.
  • The question you should be asking yourself before your startup is ready to go to market.

Sound good? Well, keep reading!

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Be honest…does your funnel look more like a leaky bucket than a lean mean conversion machine?

Instead of pushing more traffic towards a funnel that doesn’t convert on every level, plug those leaks with the right strategy.

Save your money and revamp your funnels so you’re getting the right traffic and personalizing your customer experience.

In this growth marketing mix you’ll find:

  • How to create a strategy for content that is actually going to work.
  • Why a basic knowledge of behavioral economics is going to pay dividends when creating your funnel.
  • 25 real deal growth hacking strategies you’re going to want to start implementing right now.

Ready to dig in? You’ll see it all below!

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Converting leads to customers is the lifeblood of every business.

Every step of the way from acquisition to customer success relies on planning for conversion.

But, it all starts with targeting the right customers the right way.

In this growth marketing mix you’ll find:

  • How to optimize your pricing page in a way that will maximize both conversions and revenues.
  • The key growth and persuasion frameworks every modern marketer needs to know.
  • Why using real data (and how to find it) is the only way to go when building customer personas.

Ready to dig in?

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If you have a system for delivering content to a lead that moves them along until they are ready to buy, then congratulations.


You’re one of the few businesses using a sales funnel to convert the leads who weren’t ready for your pitch (If you haven’t started a funnel yet, it’s not too late to start).

Don’t celebrate just yet, though, because there’s bad news. You’re still losing sales.

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