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If you sell anything online, you have likely heard the term “customer acquisition funnel”.

Even if you’ve had some success in the online space, it can be difficult to keep up with terminology (let alone how to implement these fancy terms).

Here’s the thing. If you sell online — You’re already using funnels.

Probably lots of them.

But how do you make them perform better?

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You ever wonder why memes seemingly came out of nowhere…

And are so popular that we can’t imagine a time without them?

They seemingly just came into existence and now, most of the online “world” couldn’t exist without them.

While we’d all like to believe a meme does nothing more than give you a quick chuckle, a passing smile as you scroll through your feed…

The true story of the psychological and behavioral influence of memes plays out like a cross between a spy film and The Matrix (complete with propaganda and Russians).

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Let’s start with the obvious:

The skill – and ability – of “Great Leads” that breaks through all the noise…

…Will increase your results dramatically.

80% of the success of an ad or a sales letter comes from the lead, the first 500-800 words of a funnel message.

Your process for creating great leads and headlines starts before you even put pen to paper – it begins in the planning stage.

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If you look around online, it’s obvious that people lack imagination.

Most marketing materials you see online follows the same, dreadfully mundane pattern.

To jog your (and my own) creativity, I’ve decided to put together a host of advertising and marketing ideas that are not the same stuff you see day in and day out.

I’ll discuss each briefly with examples and illustrations to really give you the feel for them.

Let’s dive in.

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Not too long ago, I put together a few tools that I was using to jump-start “growth engine” for some clients.

What I use now has evolved, but these tools form the foundation for developing your own “growth engine” for exponential, sustainable and predictable growth.

You can have them all – no opt-in required.

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Before we dive into “Cashvertising”

Drew Eric Whitman is a longtime advertising and marketing specialist.

He utilizes psychology to break down the key components of why a consumer will buy one product over another.

Backed by extensive research and presented in an easily digestible format — Cashvertising is a marketer’s or seller’s potential roadmap in complicated and complex industries.

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