It seems pretty fundamental and obvious: without buyers, you don’t have a business.

And without knowing your market, your clients and customers, you can’t serve them well or offer valuable products.

Yet, businesses continue to act as if it’s not true or importantespecially in their marketing.

You see this when marketers elevate one particular approach over another, supposedly heralding and ushering in the New Age of Marketing.

You can spot it when marketers are still talking about their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and differentiating themselves.

It’s painfully obvious when marketers take it upon themselves to declare any tactic or strategy “dead”.

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Let’s start with basic, sound, fundamental business practices we can all agree on: Without your buyers — your clients and customers — you don’t have a business.

Peter Drucker himself, all Business MBA programs, and scores of prime business minds are all nodding their somber heads in agreement right now (you are too, I’m sure).

If you’ve ever tried selling a product that no one wants, you’ve quickly realized it’s the surest, straightest path to not just failing to put food on the table but you can’t even afford a table to begin with.

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