Sending traffic into your funnels is cool, but what about conversions?

Are your funnels built and designed to convert as many as possible?

Closely tied to this are sales processes. Most companies don’t even have one, and so miss out on revenue.

(That’s growth marketing.)

In this issue, we’re going to cover everything from:

  • A new way of looking at and building funnels
  • Overview of Eugene Schwartz’s epic Breakthrough Advertising
  • A tool that is working to be the all in one solution for marketers looking to save time and distribute better content.
  • Getting 60 leads in 24 hours with just a landing page.

Let’s jump into!


One of the biggest places a brand can get stuck in a rut is creating new and engaging content that keeps people coming back. And make no mistake having the right content can be the difference between success and failure. Poor content isn’t going to get you any traction, and great traction will light up your traffic, shares, and customers. This epic post covers you from A to Z, giving you a huge list of content ideas that will keep your going for a long time.


When some brands hear the words “funnel building” their eyes glaze over. Not because they don’t understand the importance of the funnel, but rather than building one can feel incredibly complex (even if it’s not). That’s where LeadPages tries to really make things simple, with Micro Funnels. Once you understand the seven lessons behind creating a Micro Funnel, you’re going to be able to create an optimized, high converting funnel that knocks it out of the park every time.

Models & Frameworks

Any copywriter worth his or her salt knows about the timeless classic by Eugene Schwartz, Breakthrough Advertising. Now, if you don’t have the time to get through this epic tome, or the money for that matter (it can run close to $100 a copy), don’t worry, you’re not going to miss out. This post covers all the main points you need to learn from the book to transform your copywriting skills and start making more money.


The brands that have embraced creating sales development teams are already seeing huge results even though the concept is relatively new in the business landscape (yet growing in importance). And, while the fundamentals of sales teams have been around for quite a while, having the right system and game plan in place including ideal customer personas, time-based goals, templates, and scripts will be the difference between a sales team that rocks and one that falls flat. Don’t leave this one up to chance.

Psychology & Persuasion

Just because you’re in the business to business landscape it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend a lot of time thinking about your ideal customer’s pain points. In the end, even if there isn’t a single “person” behind the scenes, it doesn’t mean you need to ignore the ability of your customers to find a solution, the resource constraints they might face, or the performance issues holding them back. Once you have a deep understanding of the pain, it will make your sales and marketing process far easier.

Tools & Tech

What’s the number one thing most marketers struggle with? If you guessed finding the time to do it all, you’d be correct. And that’s especially true when trying to work with clients and their content and social media promotion. Thankfully, there’s a tool that can help take care of all of it and leave you with more time to focus on what you do best. fancies itself as an all in one solution for social media sharing, news and content aggregation, content distribution, and periodical creation.


Sixty leads in 24 hours, where do I sign up? Yup, you’re probably thinking that too. The good news is this post goes step by step exactly how brands with small marketing budgets and not a lot of users can find a way to get quality leads in short periods of time. A savvy combination of nailing down your ideal target audience and being smart about making the right connections on a big social networking site like LinkedIn can get you there faster than you ever might have imagined.

Done. We took a look at Breakthrough Advertising, plus some tips on psychology, and a top marketing tool.

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